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Photoshoot! Warm Athletics, Chapter 4

Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Souma Kanzaki and Keito Hasumi

Season: Spring

Archery Ground

Summary: Souma seeks permission from Keito to participate in the athletics program. 

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T/L Notes: -
Athletics: Chapter 4
(As I thought, archery is the choice for clearing oneself of worldly thoughts. I often seclude myself like this before a big job, but at present, none has come in.)
(At any rate, “Chocolat Festival” just ended the other day. Nonetheless, I am preparing for the “Repayment Festival” that is soon approaching.)
(It will be the last dream festival that the third years will be able to participate in.)
(Well, the main focus of “Repayment Festival” will be on the underclassmen. Taking on a large dream festival so suddenly will be a lot of responsibility for them to bear.)
(Thus, the contents will be roughly the same as “Chocolat Festival”.)
(As one would expect—similar to “Chocolat Festival”, there really isn’t any time to take it easy, what with having to even make confectionaries and such.)
(To begin with, there is a problem with how the “Chocolat Festival” is carried out.)
(Even when those in the Student Council were mobilised, there was no way to deal with all the guests who came surging forward, aiming for the chocolates made personally by the Idols.)
(In the end, it became unavoidable to revise the contents and so the amount of unnecessary work increased. How truly hopeless.)
(There also isn’t a rule where you have to watch every Live from the “Units” performing in “Repayment Festival”.)
(If the confectionaries were also left to the manufacturers so that the underclassmen could concentrate on singing and dancing, then surely even they would be able to overcome it.)
(…… “Akatsuki” only has Kanzaki, and he will have to decide on various things such as the stage production to the programme, and even the outfit.)
(I’m worried. Will Kanzaki really be okay all by himself? Although it’s decided that the main focus will be on the underclassmen, it’s not as if it’s forbidden to help out.)
(No, he won’t be able to stand on his own that way. I should harden my heart and watch over him.)
Wha—Kanzaki!? What’s wrong, you look furious. Did something happen?
No, it was because Hasumi-dono was not in the Student Council Room that I ended up running around searching here and there. But why are you here at the Archery ground?
Once I graduate, I won’t have many opportunities to come into contact with a bow and arrow.
Even if I retire from club activities, I do intend to come back as an alumnus. But if I show up frequently, then I will become a nuisance. 
Kanzaki as well, you were looking for me, is that not correct? This is a suitable time as I was just resting my body. Let us hear of this business you have with me.  
Yes, Hasumi-dono. Do you have any interest in “asurechikku”?
Does it look like I have any interest in it? I still keep up my habit of going for a run and such in the early morning, but I would not do any athletics of my own accord. 
Is that so. As I thought, for Hasumi-dono to have interest in a job that boasts one’s stamina and physique is…… I deeply apologise—I humbly ask that you pretend to not have heard that just now!

Hold on. You said something about a job boasting in one’s stamina and physique. Could it be that you have a job that you want to do? If that is so, then do not hold back and try telling me.
Stop making excuses. You mustn’t give up before having said anything. If you really have the will behind your words, then try enthusiastically speaking as if you were hoping to persuade the other person. 
I may be stirred up by your enthusiasm. Now, try telling me. Until you start speaking, I will not move from this place. 
Uuu. The truth is…… I have been invited by Anzu-dono to try appearing in a program introducing the “asurechikku eria”. 
Adonis-dono will go as well, as he has also been invited.
The details of the job are just as I mentioned before—it shall be at the “asurechikku eria”, and I have been contacted that afterwards there is also planning of filming at the farm. 
As for me, I wish to appear in the program, but there is also Hasumi-dono and Kiryuu-dono’s circumstances to think of. 
I shall not ask for the impossible. If Hasumi-dono had thought that he would like to participate even just a little~ then that is all I can ask for!
I do not mind, even if it is just Kiryuu-dono and I who shall conquer the “asurechikku eria”!
I see…… Hmm, I have no problem accepting the job.
H-Hasumi-dono? I was quite discouraged because I was certain that there would be no use arguing about it, and so I had resolved myself to be rejected. 
The one who will be leading the “Akatsuki” from now on is you. This is a job that you found in that role and so I have no objections. I hope that you will continue to grow at this rate.  
(The “Akatsuki” from now on……? When Hasumi-dono and Kiryuu-dono graduate, then it shall only be me left to take responsibility of “Akatsuki”.)
(It shall be up to me to protect “Akatsuki” to the end.)
(The “Shokorafesu” the other day mainly consisted of the teachers and Student Council, so it was Hasumi-dono and Kiryuu-dono who became the focus and livened up the event.) 
(But I must not rely on Hasumi-dono and the others for the “Repayment Festival” that is a month away from now.)
(I shall be the focus then. But the me as of the moment ends up depending on my seniors. I am spoilt and I end up having everything done for me.)
(I must grow up so that Hasumi-dono and the others will feel at ease leaving “Akatsuki” in my care. For that sake, I shall…… I shall…… What should I do?)
Kanzaki? I become uneasy when you keep silent, Kanzaki. Is there something else you have been seeking permission for?
M-my apologies! There is something else on my mind, but…… That is—I am worried about Hasumi-dono’s fitness given the contents of the job!
If I were to compete with you lot, then I would have no part to play. But it’s a program introducing the athletics area, is it not.
It’s a failure in itself if it can only be seemingly conquered by those boasting in stamina.
The real charm of an athletics area is one where a parent and child can have fun, no? Even I, more or less, have training in that regard. So I won’t get in the way of you lot. 
And even if I cannot actively participate in the athletics side of things, there’s still the filming at the farm.
I don’t dislike animals, after all. In fact, I find them quite likeable. 
Hasumi-dono, the filming is planned for after “Repayment Festival”.
I had originally planned to come to you with the idea that it would maybe be a refreshing job, but because Hasumi-dono’s response was favourable, there is no longer a need for it.
As far as a month is concerned, that’s a matter for the future. In any event, we’re approaching the birthing season, so there’ll also be a lot of baby animals around that time. 
No doubt, they’ll film the scene with us coming into contact with the animals like “Now is the only time that you can meet baby animals this cute!” as a way to boost the appeal.
When dealing with small children, people will naturally have a smile on their face. 
The same goes for baby animals—they’ll surely show the significant effectiveness of an Idol’s natural close-up expression and the animals’ adorableness.
But it is still a job after Kiryuu and I have graduated. I will leave it to Kanzaki on the day. Do your best, Kanzaki. I believe in you ♪  
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