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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Souma Kanzaki, Kaoru Hakaze and Kanata Shinkai

Season: Spring

Location: Marine Life clubroom

Souma thinks of a way to convince Kanata to participate in the athletics program.

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T/L Notes: 
  • Kanata’s speech is left (somewhat) unpunctuated and all in lowercase to imitate the similar feeling when reading his story in Japanese. He speaks without the use of kanji and very slowly… Reading this can distract the eyes and it ends up taking much longer to get through his lines than you'd think…

Athletics: Chapter 5
Heey there~ Souma-kun. Welcome to the Marine Life Club~ ♪ Let me give you a warm welcome?
You have no right to receive me. In the first place, you are but a member of the Marine Life Club, and not the President. 
But I do not understand. Why are you here, and why do I not see Buchou-dono anywhere? Even though I have come to bring Buchou-dono some good news……
Hakaze…-dono. If you know where Buchou-dono has gone, then I humbly ask that you tell me.
Ahaha. You kept referring to me as “you” “you” so I thought for sure that you’d forgotten my name, you know?
If you’re looking for Kanata-kun, then he’s gone to replace the water in the fish tank. He’ll be back pretty soon though?
But more importantly, what’s this good news you’ve got, I wonder? Let me hear it too. Even though we’re both members of the Marine Life Club, I’ll feel pretty lonely if you only leave me out?
It is not very convincing if you tell me that while smiling. Even though I say it is good news, it is of no importance to you. It is useless to just be curious. 
Ahaha. Souma-kun sure has a sharp tongue. Oh well, it’s not like Souma-kun’s cold attitude just started now or anything. 
Oh, that’s right—I heard about it from Adonis-kun~
It’s been decided that “UNDEAD” will be appearing in the program introducing the athletics area, you see. I heard that you also got the go-sign from Hasumi-kun as well?
Yes. Hasumi-dono has told me that he shall leave it to me on the day. I must not do anything to bring dishonour to his expectations—I shall do my best to keep that in mind from now on. 
“UNDEAD” also intends to leave it up to Adonis-kun and Kouga-kun.
Even within Yumenosaki Academy, Adonis-kun and Souma-kun are two of our best body-building Idols after all. So why not take this chance to become famous~ ♪
I do not remember ever becoming a body-building “Aidoru”.
It is said that a sound mind resides in a sound body. It would be good if you reform yourself of indulgent thinking, and also break out a sweat in “asurechikku”.
Hm~ I’m glad that you’re worried about me, but I’ve also been consi~derably diligent as of late, you know. It’s true, I tell you ♪
i’m back~ ♪
i was able to hear kaoru and souma’s fun “conversation” from the “hallway”. the both of you getting along is a good thing~ ♪
Welcome back~ Kanata-kun. Whenever I see you, you’re holding a large fish tank in your arms—I really can’t get used to how calm you are about it. Is it okay if I try holding it?
no can do~ if by chance you drop it, then the “fish” will get hurt
if you hurt the “fish”, then i’ll “punish” you~  
Well, I guess I’ll pass on that then. Since it seems like it would be a terrifying experience if Kanata-kun were to seriously get angry. 
Buchou-dono. I have brought you some good news, so I would like you to hear me out!
some “good news”? i wonder what it’s about~ i’m interested to find out?
A filming job has come in for after “Repayment Festival” is over.  
There is planning of filming at the farm as well. I have come to invite Buchou-dono if he is interested. 
there will likely be “cows” and “sheep” and such on the “farm”, won’t there……?
i can tell the “difference” between “fish”, but i can’t tell the “difference” between “animals”~ they all look the same to me
it doesn’t have to be just “fish”—if they are “animals” related to “water”, then i have an interest in them~?
So he says. Bad luck, huh, Souma-kun. What about filming with fish or if it’s just a connection to water, then maybe a type of aquatic bird?     
Anyhow, it looks like it’s going to be difficult to lure in Kanata-kun if it doesn’t involve water?

Aquatic bird…… Now that you mention it, there are “ducks” on the farm. I have been told by Anzu-dono that because the “ducks” will also probably be incubating at the time, we shall be filming together with them. 
A “duck” is also an aquatic bird. If it is filming with “ducks”, then it feels like Buchou-dono will willingly accept, but…
fufufu. i do like “ducks”~ ♪ they’re cute, right? i can’t help but “smile” when i see “ducks” marching
Then by all means, Buchou-dono! When I think about how I can work together with Buchou-dono, I become completely exhilarated ♪ 
Ahaha. It’s rather refreshing to think that your attitude towards me would be this overtly different compared to Kanata-kun. 
For the time being, I’ll also be working together with Souma-kun, you see. Isn’t it okay to give me even a comment on that?
Do your job seriously. That is all I have to say to you.
Ah, yeah. A predictable response, huh~ Well, I was going to take it seriously even without having been told so. Since I don’t want Anzu-chan to lose her patience with me and all.
So it is about girls again. You do not learn your lesson.   
Do not cause trouble for Anzu-dono. Anzu-dono is my “kurasumeito” and my “friend”. Even if you are a fellow member of the same club, I cannot overlook this. 
In any case, the most important thing is that Buchou-dono is keen. Well then, I shall go and relay it to Anzu-dono to that effect—that Buchou-dono will also participate in the filming from when we are at the farm.
souma, come here

What is it, Buchou-dono. If you beckon me towards you like that, I cannot help but put myself on guard. Have I done something to displease you, Buchou-dono?
it’s the opposite~ i’m “happy”. souma is giving it his all. good~ boy, good~ boy…… ♪
…… Have I been able to conduct myself in a way worth praising? I do not get a real sense of that feeling, and I am not yet at a level like that of my seniors’ capabilities…… 
souma, you came to tell me about a “job”. i heard it from kaoru as well
that the “job” this time around was a “job” brought to us by souma and the other “second year kids”
No, it would be more correct to say that it was a job allocated to us by Anzu-dono.

even so, souma was thinking of wanting to do it, right? your own “opinion” is important
i’ve come this far because i do what “i want to do” for myself 
souma is an adorable “junior”. granting your “junior” their wishes is also the responsibility of the “senior”~  
puka puka…… ♪

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