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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Souma Kanzaki, Adonis Otogari, Kouga Oogami, Keito Hasumi, Kaoru Hakaze, Kurou Kiryuu, Rei Sakuma and Anzu

Season: Spring

Location: Athletics area

Summary: Souma and Adonis agree to have a match; Kouga would much rather prefer having Kurou as his opponent, but has to settle for Keito; Kaoru and Rei decide to watch on with Anzu. 

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T/L Notes: -
Athletics: Chapter 6
Kanzaki. Don’t hide under the shade and come here. You’ve finished changing, haven’t you?
Y-yes. I-I ended up causing a lot of trouble on many levels at “Repayment Festival”!
And for Adonis-dono as well. Adonis-dono came to pay me a visit, and I made you come along with me for my special training. I am deeply sorry—I am too ashamed to show my face!
Don’t worry about it. I said the same thing back then too, didn’t I? I was worried because there was no contact from you, and you stopped attending classes. But after hearing your reasons, I’ve accepted it. 
We sent off our seniors with a smile in “Repayment Festival”.
For both “Akatsuki” and “UNDEAD”, the seniors are gone but it’s not the end. From now on, we’ll be the ones protecting it all the way.
Oogami had a Live showdown with Sakuma-sempai in “Repayment Festival”, and it seems he has found closure. Normally, the graduated seniors would be moving along in their new path in life.
For us, it was planned that we would perform a variety of jobs as a reborn “Unit” before the new school year came around.
But it was fortunate that we arranged this job before graduation. This way, the full members of “UNDEAD” and “Akatsuki” are gathered once more.
This may be the last time, so let’s carry out this job without any regrets.
Yes, indeed! That is right—I was almost about to waste this precious opportunity. For this occasion, we shall be the focus of the job.
The first thing to do is introduce the “asurechikku eria”, but it is probably good if we do a walkthrough for all the “pointo”. 
Yeah. There’s no time limit in place. For the time being, it should be fine to do a walkthrough on the fun aspects and renowned points.     
Although, it’s not like it’s forbidden to have a contest. Kanzaki, shall we compete to see who can reach the goal first?
Fufu. An excellent suggestion. 
Some time ago, I would have been no match against Adonis-dono’s running speed. But “asurechikku” is a “supootsu” requiring a sense of “baransu”.
Even I have a chance of winning. Adonis-dono, it is unnecessary for you to go easy on me. Let us have a match that shakes us to our very souls.
Yeah, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
…… Damn! What’s with the both of you getting fired up on yer own. There ain’t any opening for yours truly to join in like this~! 
Even though I came here preparing myself to battle it out with Adonis!
Don’t whine, Oogami. If you’re looking for someone to compete with, then I don’t mind becoming your opponent. 
Haah? You~ become my opponent? Pfft, don’t make me laugh. With yer~ stamina, it’ll be all ya can do to just chase after me—that ain’t gonna be no match~
But if it’s with yer~ guy’s Kiryuu-sempai, then I might have a good match with him. Gimme a change, a change. It’ll be good if it’s with Kiryuu-sempai…… ♪
Hmm…… Certainly, my stamina is nothing compared to Kiryuu. But it’ll be a problem if you look down on me. I’m just right of an opponent for your standard.
I’ll have Kiryuu participate as my substitute for when I retire midway through. 
I do feel bad for stealing his spotlight, but Kiryuu himself is saying “I don’t mind” after all.
Oi—is what he said just now true, Kiryuu-sempai!?
Hm? Ah, yeah, I did say something like that. Whichever way you see it, the job this time around is focusing on the second years, right. It’s also not my place to butt in, ya know.
Anyways, it looks like Hasumi himself is looking forward to having a match with you, Oogami.   
He was muttering something like, “Sakuma-san competed with Oogami, didn’t he…… I’m envious” and it was annoying, ya know.    
W-wha!? I did say something along those lines, but I did not go so far as to say “I’m envious”!? 
If you’re self-aware, then that’s good, isn’t it. The official members of “DEADMANZ” are Sakuma, Hasumi and Oogami, right?
Sakuma settled things with Oogami as part of “DEADMANZ”. You too—go on and settle it as a member of “DEADMANZ”. 
…… You’re also quite a meddlesome person, Kiryuu. 
Don’t I sound like a certain busybody? Go on and get out there. If Kanzaki and the rest get a head start, then you won’t be able to catch up, ya know. 
Woah, don’t push me!? Even without Kiryuu pestering me, I’ll properly get into position. 
Hmph. If that damn glasses-guy is my opponent, then yours truly is just gonna dominate~ But whatever, I ain’t gonna hold back~ 
In a battle or other, no matter the opponent, it’s rude to go easy on them.
Your dedication is praiseworthy, but don’t make fun of me because of my glasses.
I got it—don’t talk badly~ ‘cause of yer glasses, right? I’ll call ya properly by yer name, Hasumi-sempai. 
The well-behaved senior is dropping his mask and seriously coming to challenge yours truly.
I think of ya as a disagreeable~ kinda guy, but I don’t dislike~ the Hasumi-sempai right now.  
…… Is that so. I also think your foul mouth is beyond control, but I don’t dislike you personally. 
And~ I’m~ saying~ how much longer are you gonna stand there talking. The filming staff are also looking at us with the “still not yet?” eyes. I’ll kick your ass, ya know?
Hm, yes. I’m aware. I do not wish to have my behind struck at this age. Let’s go, Oogami. 
Sakuma-san, what should we do? We could always take it easy and leave it to Adonis-kun and the others to introduce the athletics area~
Oh, Anzu-chan. I haven’t seen you since that confession where I was fully prepared to get completely rejected? Even though I say that, it’s a pretty recent story.      
To think that we’d reunite this soon~ Yeah, while I did say that I would seriously seduce you when we reunited, I’m still at the stage of stepping into the world of show business.   
Even Anzu-chan would be troubled by that. Ahaha, telling me “I’d be troubled” without any reserve really makes me feel like I have a long way to go, you know.
Little Miss.
Ooh, Sakuma-san. Your complexion is looking good…… as if, huh. It’s because it’s midday, after all. You’re feeling out of sorts, aren’t you?
That’s correct. The feeling of wanting to conquer the athletics area is there, but it’s apparent that I’ll end up wearing myself out. 
If today is cut short because of having to arrange an ambulance for me, then I shall shed tears. 
If that’s so, then there’s some perfectly good shade here. Let’s sit down and watch their gallant figures with our own eyes. Anzu-chan as well, come here. 
Having you even sit beside me must mean that I’ve shortened the distance with Anzu-chan. Just for now, it’s okay if I make use of that, right…… ♪

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