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Photoshoot! Warm Athletics, Chapter 9

Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Souma Kanzaki, Kouga Oogami, Keito Hasumi, Kaoru Hakaze, Kanata Shinkai and Rei Sakuma

Season: Spring

Location: Farm

Summary: Everyone has picked out the animal they want to handle, but Keito is having a hard time bonding with the guinea pigs. Kouga decides to step in. 

Links: Enstar Wiki

T/L Notes: 
  • “Boke and Tsukkomi” is a comedy duo routine that roughly translates over to the funny guy/straight guy act seen in a lot of Japanese gag humour… A Western equivalent that’s somewhat close in meaning is the wise guy/straight guy routine. The main point is to have the “boke” say something funny/witty/stupid etc. and the “tsukkomi” retorts back with common sense/puzzlement/a fed up response etc. Though it’s not limited to these types of scripts either.
Athletics: Chapter 9
puka puka…… ♪
Ooh, Buchou-dono is here before us! It has been a while, Buchou-dono. I am glad to see that you are doing well ♪
saying “it has been a while” isn’t right~ it hasn’t been that long since “repayment festival” ended. souma also hasn’t changed, right?
because souma and the others didn’t come for a long time, i was “bored”
it’s okay to “invite” me because there’s a filming with the “ducks”, but i didn’t hear anything about the “time”
souma went “missing” from a little way before “repayment festival”, and i couldn’t get into “contact” with you
Uuu. I am terribly sorry that I have ended up causing even Buchou-dono trouble!
I, I am always thinking that I alone must protect “Akatsuki”, and so I went too far with my actions!
it’s because souma is the “type” to quickly take things to heart. but it’s good that we overcame “repayment festival” safely
i’m sure you’re also busy with “work” for “akatsuki”, but souma, please also firmly protect the “marine life club”, okay?
i’ve already “graduated” so i’m no longer “buchou”…… you’ll have to change from calling me “buchou-dono” as well
Buchou…… Will it be Shinkai-dono then?
I have been using Buchou-dono for a long time now, so I might end up accidentally blurting it out. But on the occasion that I do, then I humbly ask for your forgiveness.
that’s true~ it is “hard” to change the way you call someone. just because you get it wrong, i’m not going to do something like give you a “chop”, you know?
Oi, don’t~ go taking it easy and having a chat. The filming for the athletics area ate up a lot more time than expected after all. 
Well, I ain’t~ telling ya to wrap it up or anything.
Anzu and the staff are bringing over the animals from the pen, so it’s okay to do whatever suits ya till then.
Say, Kouga…… Wanko.
Vampire bastar…… Sakuma-sempai.
Wait, why did ya~ change it back!? “Kouga” is the correct one. Why are ya going back to using “Wanko” now of all times!?
I-indeed. Even if you say that, it’s embarrassing to change it back again. I’ll start blushing~
Don’t give me that “I’ll start blushing~” crap! Yours truly got up enough courage, ya know…… I even called ya Sakuma-sempai!
Don’t draw back~ just ‘cause yer feeling shy! I’ll keep calling ya Sakuma-sempai over and over again, got it!
Do stop~! I do feel as if I would die of shame!?
Wanko…… Kouga. Yes, Kouga.
My dear Kouga, have you been well? I’m happy to be able to see you after such a long time.
Don’t act the funny man. Jeez, are ya really okay at that rate. Ya fought yer way into the world of show business, didn’t ya. Get it together, will ya?
Kukuku, it’s because I have a partner, you see. Even if I fall into the funny man routine, you’ll play the straight guy, won’t you.
Yeah, no. We’re fighting our way into the world of show business as Idols, you know? Not to become a comic duo, alright?
It was but a joke. Look there, Kaoru-kun. The cute little rabbit has come out from the pen. How small, and how adorable~ ♪
As part of my experience with handling them, I am able to feed them, but I simply cannot miss this chance. Kouga, I will be playing with the rabbits ♪
So I guess Sakuma-san has the rabbits, and Kanata-kun will be with the ducks~ There are also sheep and goats, and it looks like there are guinea pigs…… 
Woah, I saw something unusual.
What is it—saying that all suspense-like, damn. Were there even any unusual animals?
[Unbloomed CG of Keito Hasumi]
Hmm~ Not exactly an animal and more like a person, I’d say.
That’s Hasumi-kun over there, right? The guinea pig that’s completely snug in his hands—he’s letting slip his expression in front of it. 
There, there…… ♪
Fufu, so cute. It might even be a good idea to get a guinea pig. 
If you’re this tiny, then you’d fit in both hands fine…… No, you’d probably be completely snug in one hand. Eyes that are round and cute, soft fur, and even the shape of your ears are perfect ♪
Ah, where are you going—if you jump from this height, then you’ll get hurt.
Ouch!? You’re squeaking, but could it be that you’re hungry? 
Guinea pigs like to eat lettuce and such, but in the first place, is it okay to just give it to them like that? Hmm~ I’m in quite the pinch. 
Seriously, I can’t~ watch this any longer, Hasumi-sempai.
…… So it’s you, Oogami. You say that you can’t watch any longer, but it’s not as if you’re an expert on how to take care of guinea pigs.
Hm, the crying has become louder than before. It seems like they’re being cautious around you. They’re so afraid that their teeth are clattering. 
Aah~ That’s ‘cause I have Leon. They got their guards up ‘cause I got the smell of dog stuck on me.    
Don’t worry. I definitely won’t hurt ya~ I keep my promises. So c’mon, come here.
(Hmm, so the first thing to do is converse with the guinea pigs. If I’m not mistaken, I do recall seeing it in a book that guinea pigs have a timid personality and that it takes time for them to grow accustomed to you.)
(Was it right around the time when I was looking into the ecology of the animals kept in the breeding pen, I wonder.)
(I was trying to use the experience from that time to handle real animals, but it looks like it won’t go that easily.)
[Unbloomed CG of Kouga Oogami]
(See how Oogami is also having a tough time…… What!?)
Haha, don’t come scrambling up to me like “me too, me too”~ I’ll give each and every one of ya proper attention ♪
You—what did you do!? Both your hands are overflowing with them, and even on your head and your shoulder…… I’m so jealous!
N-no, I’m not jealous or anything childish like that, but I cannot accept this.
The guinea pigs were cautious of you, were they not? So how—why are they so fond of you? What sort of magic did you use. Please tell me as well. 
I won’t do anything that they hate, so I don’t frighten them. I only got them to properly understand my intentions. I don’t~ use anything as exaggerated as magic.
The reason why they didn’t like ya~ was ‘cause ya were overdoing it with the attention. It just means that it ain’t affection~ if ya only keep coddling them.   
I see. That is painfully true. The way to raising humans is also like that, but I guess that with animals as well, you can’t have things go your way.  
I suppose that if it’s you who has juniors in your care, then you’ll be able to raise them well. I wonder how “UNDEAD” will evolve from here on…… I’m also starting to look forward to it. 
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