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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Keito Hasumi, Makoto Yuuki, Wataru Hibiki, and Anzu

Season: Winter

Location: Student Council Room (first-half), Rooftop (latter-half), the switch is noted in the translation

Summary: Keito, Makoto, and Anzu discuss where to eat their lunch. They run into Wataru outside. 

Links: Enstar Wiki

T/L Notes: 
  • Foie Gras = A French cuisine (considered luxurious)
  • Jounamagashi = High-grade Japanese fresh confections (usually seen in tea ceremonies)
  • Haori = A traditional Japanese kimono-like jacket
  • “A Flower in Both Hands” is a saying that basically comes down to being very fortunate (the Japanese context has a slightly varied connotation if you are curious enough to Google it)

Hasumi-sempai, is it okay to have food and drinks in the Student Council Room? If it’s prohibited, we can go somewhere else. 
Relax, it’s not prohibited. Seeing as we store the tea leaves that Eichi brought in from home on that shelf there. 
If I recall…… It’s close to 20,000 yen for 100 grams. 
No way, is it really that expensive!?
Apparently, this is still considered inexpensive. I have heard that he also keeps tea leaves worth several million yen per 100 grams. 
O-Our worlds are too far apart…… There are a lot of wealthy students in the Academy, but even amongst them, Tenshouin-sempai really is extraordinary.
I wonder what he eats normally. Is it foie gras? His palate is probably so refined that the cafeteria food would be unsatisfying.
So far as it goes, he does seem to take care in what he usually eats. But he wouldn’t absolutely refuse to eat the cafeteria food either.
He has an interest in the taste of Commoner’s food, after all.
Hmm, it could be because he’s not used to eating it so it seems refreshing.
……? Anzu-chan, you’ve been staring out the window for a while now. Is someone you know there? 
Ah~, you’re thinking that the weather’s nice so it’d also be nice to eat outside, am I right? It’ll almost be like a picnic, and I feel it would make the bentou even more delicious 

It’s the afternoon, so I suspect that the temperature is more or less warm. Though it is still winter. Will we not catch a cold from eating our bentous outside?
Ah, you’ve got a point…… Anzu-chan, what should we do? Should we eat our bentous here? Or should we go and check out the rooftop to see what it’s like, just in case?
Hmph, it’s too late to be reserved now. It is hardly an effort if it’s just heading to the rooftop and back.
We are only going to scout it out, and if the cold seems intense then we’ll eat in the Student Council Room. Is that enough to satisfy you?
Hasumi-sempai, you unexpectedly have a soft side to you……?
At first, I thought Hasumi-sempai was just a strict person. But after talking some more, my impression of you has really changed.
Now you’re not that scary, and I kind of somewhat understand why Kanzaki-kun looks up to you, Hasumi-sempai 
Flattery will get you nowhere. So Anzu and Yuuki were both in Kanzaki’s class…… Hmm, please get along with Kanzaki from now on too.
A part of him does lack common sense, but he’s an earnest and single-minded guy. 
His cooking skills are also improving daily, and he can even make jounamagashi. There is not a disgraceful thing about him...... 
You sound like a father who's very pleased with his child's growth, you know. Ahaha, looks like I may have discovered another unexpected hidden side to Hasumi-sempai  
Hm...... What is it, Anzu? Aah, are you concerned that we might not manage to find a good spot?
You have a point. Anzu, Yuuki, let's go.
[The location changes from the Student Council Room to the Rooftop]
I-It's...... So cold!
Y-Yes. It is winter, after all. It feels like we may catch a cold with how lightly dressed we are without a coat or haori. Let us obediently return to the Student Council Room...... Huh?
 ~  ~
You, what are you doing in a place like this? It may not be snowing, but it is still chilly. If you stay outside, you'll catch a cold.
Oh my, what do we have here but a gathering of sorts  As you can see, I am in the midst of dining. May I request that you leave your business till after I have finished my meal?
…… It’s so cold out that you can see your breath in the air. Now is not the time to be leisurely eating your lunch. Look, there is no one else here but you. 
I did not think you were a ball of senselessness, but to be this much of a simpleton. Words cannot express how astounded I am. Or should I say that it’s making me quite dizzy. 
Dizzy? How dreadful! Your face is as white as paper, are you feeling fine? Shall I call the ambulance, or shall we board my blimp at once and fly all the way to the hospital?
Stop, you’re making me unnecessarily dizzy. I only look unwell due to the lack of sleep. It is not such a big deal that I would need you to worry for me. 
But it appears more than just lack of sleep, almost like you are not receiving adequate nutrition?
For times like these, you need the specially made jelly……  Fufufu. It is a jelly of seven colours, Rainbow……  
Stop pressing the issue. Why are you so pointlessly in good spirits? How hopeless you are.
Well now, this is the role that I have been assigned. I am simply devoting myself to it.
More than that, what brings Keito and Friends all here to this rooftop?
I am capable of using my long hair to wrap around my body, but Keito, is that not impossible for you? Shall I use my hair to make a substitute lap blanket for you, would you like that?
Don’t talk as if you can overcome the limits of the human body so easily. Hearing you speak about it so directly is making my head feel strange. 
Fufufu, but even then, you will continue to go along with my antics, will you not? There is an indulgent part of you within that heartlessness. But I would say I also find that adorable. 
It is not only you Keito, but Yuuki-kun is the same as well. I wonder if you would you call this situation as having a flower in both hands? I see that being a “Producer” is quite favourable, Anzu-san 
Oh? Oh my, what’s this? Fufufu. Is that a bentou from your beloved wife? I must say, well done Keito-kun…… 
Stop that grinning. It is the truth that Anzu made a bentou for me, but it is nothing like what you are thinking. Do not misunderstand, you hear?
It rather sounds like you are wanting to be misunderstood though.
Very well then, I shall leave that aside. You were originally complaining about my eating lunch here, but Keito and everyone were also thinking of eating their lunch on the rooftop, I see.   
…… Well, that is true. All the same, I hardly think we can eat with the cold wind blowing fiercely around us. 
Surprisingly, you will be fine once you become accustomed to it? There are not many people coming here either, yes. If it is here, then you can be at leisure without being disturbed.    
Well then, will Hokuto-kun be able to discover my location by the time the afternoon break ends, I wonder. 
I did leave him hints, so if it is him, then I believe that he will come here?

What is this about Hidaka? You, did you force the members of the Theatre Club into another unreasonable challenge?
Honestly, you take your practical jokes too far. 
To put up with you even till now, both Hidaka and Mashiro are quite something themselves. They’re good juniors, so treasure them more, will you.   

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