Jan. 1st, 2017

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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Keito Hasumi, Makoto Yuuki, Wataru Hibiki, and Anzu

Season: Winter

Location: Student Council Room (first-half), Rooftop (latter-half), the switch is noted in the translation

Summary: Keito, Makoto, and Anzu discuss where to eat their lunch. They run into Wataru outside. 

Links: Enstar Wiki

T/L Notes: 
  • Foie Gras = A French cuisine (considered luxurious)
  • Jounamagashi = High-grade Japanese fresh confections (usually seen in tea ceremonies)
  • Haori = A traditional Japanese kimono-like jacket
  • “A Flower in Both Hands” is a saying that basically comes down to being very fortunate (the Japanese context has a slightly varied connotation if you are curious enough to Google it)
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