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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Kanata Shinkai and Anzu 

Season: Spring

Location: Garden Space

Unlock: Kanata Shinkai Intimacy Rank 15 

Links: Enstar Wiki 

T/L Notes: -

today is “nice weather” …… ♪
being “outside” on these kinds of days to “photosynthesise” will make you feel really good, you know~
puka puka…… ♪
is it odd to puka puka even when i’m not swimming~?
but when i puka puka, i’m very “happy” because i can’t swim after all 
even if it’s just the sensation of the “sea”, i want to experience it…… ♪
the “sea” is “vast” and “grand”—“grand” and “vast” are similar in meaning, aren’t they……?
how absent-minded of me. tenkousei-san, you’re very smart…… ♪
this is where the “sunlight” is “strong”. it might be unsuitable to have an “afternoon nap” here
i don’t take “afternoon naps”, does tenkousei-san take them……?
if you take “afternoon naps” then you won’t be able to fall asleep at “night”
i love the “night time”~ when i “walk” along the completely dark seashore, i feel as if i’m “one” with the “sea”…… ♪
is going for a “walk” at “night” dangerous?  
i carry a “flashlight” with me when i walk, so it’s okay
but the “sea” is completely dark at “night”—if you’re “careless”, you’ll wander into the “sea”
the “sea” at “night” is frightening, you know…… ♪
looks like the sunlight has gotten “stronger”…… 
i’m wearing this “outfit” so i’m “safe” 
because a “blue outfit” is the “colour” of the “sea”~
it won’t lose to the “sun”…… ♪
is this the “first” time you’re seeing this, tenkousei-san……?
i “belong” to “ryuuseitai”
there’s “red”, “blue”, “yellow”, “green” and “black”—and i’m “blue”…… ♪
it’s “unfortunate” that my “pants” are black……
i wanted to make my “whole” self “blue”, but i was “denied”, you know~?
it definitely would’ve been pretty too. how odd……
what “colour” does tenkousei-san like?
i like “blue”—that’s why i'm “happy” that i get to wear a “blue outfit” …… ♪

End of Part 3