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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Kaoru Hakaze and Anzu

Season: Spring

Location: School Infirmary

Unlock: Kaoru Hakaze Intimacy Rank 15 

Links: Enstar Wiki  

T/L Notes: -
Aaaah, I can’t believe this—just when I’m about to have practice, I get an injury. How unlucky.
Sensei, I’ve hurt my finger, so could you give me a band-aid…… Huh? He’s not here?
No way~ I’m already pretty down 'cause of the injury, but now you’re saying I have to treat myself too?
Sigh~…… So unlucky……
Hm? How come the curtains over there are the only ones open? That teacher—he can be careless sometimes so maybe he forgot to close them.
No point now, I’ll just close them instead…… Huh?
Well if it isn’t Anzu-chan.
She’s sleeping with such a relaxed expression~ Not even poking her will wake her up.
It’s Anzu-chan we’re talking about here, so I don’t think she’s skipping classes. 
But being this defenceless when sleeping—it really makes me want to tease her, you know ♪
Anzu-chan, if you don’t wake up, then this naughty older brother will play pranks on you~ 
Woah-! She’s awake, awake! And she backed away with such force too!
Anzu-chan, if you keep that up, you’ll run into the wall, you know~ See, I told you so.
Your head—is it okay?…… Yep, it doesn’t look like there’ll be a bump. What a relief huh, Anzu-chan. 
And about before, sorry for surprising you like that. I wasn’t really going to play any prank on you, even if you didn’t wake up. 
Honestly, for real ♪ I wouldn’t lie about these things, you know.
Because I’m faithful towards girls. Eh? You can’t trust those sort of guys? 
Hmm, well that’s a problem then.
Actually, I get the feeling that your guard is up even more than usual today—that’s not my imagination, right?
Have I done anything to Anzu-chan as of late?
My appearance? This is the idol outfit for my Unit. I see, you’re even more cautious 'cause you’re not used to seeing me in unfamiliar clothes. 
Got it, got it ♪ A lot of girls are taken with this kind of wild persona, but I guess Anzu-chan is different. 
You know, I will always definitely make passes at girls. But for some reason, I don’t feel like doing it with Anzu-chan and I’ve been wondering why—how strange, I thought.
After that conversation though, I think I kind of get it now ♪ But you know, it’s somewhat boring to go after the same type of girl again and again.
Maybe a novelty like Anzu-chan is a good change of pace. 'Cause you won’t be like the types that have been hanging around me up till now—it’ll be super refreshing ♪
Wooaah-! Throwing a pillow at me and then running away—she sure has energy~
Hmmm, I’m pretty interested in Anzu-chan but it seems like she really can’t deal with me. 
To be hated this much, it’s rather refreshing, you know~
But having a girl you’re interested in run away from you is still kind of sad. Now that it’s come to this, maybe I should get serious about snatching her away.
Better prepare yourself, Anzu-chan ♪  
End of Part 3
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