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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Hinata Aoi and Anzu

Season: Spring

Dance Room

Hinata Aoi Intimacy Rank 15

 Enstar Wiki  

T/L Notes:
Thank you to Berry (@berryknights) for providing these screencaps! <3
Afternoon, Anzu-san~ ♪
Yuuta-kun? Maybe he’s still in the classroom~
I invited him to come along with me, but Yuuta-kun, you see—he said he wouldn’t go if it meant being together with me or something.
Even though you used to be so obedient, Yuuta-kun~
Saying “Onii-chan, Onii-chan” while always tagging along behind me—he was really cute, you know~ ♪
Ah, Yuuta-kun is still cute now too. But if I tell him that, then he’ll probably get mad~
“We have the same face so don’t say something so gross”—he’d say sharply!
But I know the truth~ ♪
When I’m not around, he’d get all sullen thinking, “Maybe that was a bit too much”~ ♪
But Yuuta-kun isn’t very honest with himself, so he won’t apologise straight away.
He would keep glancing in my direction, and if our eyes met, he’d turn away……
How do you say it—it’s like he’s a small animal? And he’s peeking to check up on me~
When that happens, you shouldn’t open your mouth to ask him “What’s wrong?”
‘Cause he’ll just become even less honest with himself than usual~
He’ll stubbornly keep his mouth shut like a clam. Ni-hi-hi ♪
That’s why I patiently~ wait for Yuuta-kun. I’m his older bro, after all.
The older bro has to be the calm and composed one. I wanna be a cool older bro in front of my little brother, yep~ ♪
And if you do that, then oddly enough, Yuuta-kun will come apologising. Sort of like you’re sticking it out? 
That’s why it’s better for me not to do anything on my end. Yuuta-kun’s at a rebellious age, you see.
So he’ll surely show up sooner or later, you know.
Until then, how about I just chitchat with the Producer ♪
You’ll be troubled if I suddenly ask that of you? 
Offering up a topic to talk about is also the job of an older bro. The topic will be~
This Idol outfit—what does the Producer think?
Yep, it’s techno-pop-ish and looks good, right~ ♪ Seems like Yuuta-kun doesn’t like it though.
It’s got a “twins” feeling so it’s super awesome, but he says he hates that—he’s at such a difficult age~
Well, that part of him is also adorable. Ni-hi-hi ♪

End of Part 3
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