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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Subaru Akehoshi

Season: Spring

Location: Rooftop

Unlock: Subaru Akehoshi Intimacy Rank 15

Links:  Enstar Wiki

T/L Notes: 
  • Lamé = a type of fabric made from metallic fibre (usually gold or silver in colour)

Thank you to Berry (@berryknights) for providing these screencaps! <3
Hey, Transfer Student~ ☆
You look like you’re in a real rush—what’s wrong? Did you find some buried gold? It’s the first time I’m hearing that this Academy has hidden treasure~
I’ve got it, Transfer Student! Why don’t we compete to see who can uncover the treasure first?
Jeez, you’re not good with follow-ups. That was where you were supposed to say, “Let’s do this, Akehoshi-kun!”
You’ve also become our friend, Transfer Student, so you gotta make sure to follow along with my actions!
Oh, you have something for me.
Sorry, sorry—at times like these, telling me it’s about money will have me come flying at Mach speed instead, you know.  
Of course, even if it’s a lie, I won’t get mad. But I might demand the money afterwards!
Ahahaha, just kidding~ ☆
By something, do you mean that outfit you’re holding in your hand? Wow, you’re already done!
Thanks, Transfer Student! Hey, is it okay if I change into it right now?
Don’t worry, I’ll change in that thicket over there, since I’m not embarrassed or anything~
With that said, wait for a bit, okay!
Sorry to keep you waiting~ How does it look? Does it suit me?
Thanks~ ♪ These accessories give off a good impression! They’re shiny and especially to my taste ☆
We might as well add them to the arms and legs, and become even more sparkly—wouldn’t that be nice~
That way, we’ll be flashy and also have impact. 
And with the outfit, if we stick on some lamé then it’ll be even shinier~ Ah, it could be a great idea, if I say so myself!
What do you think, Transfer Student? Making our entire body shiny and sparkly is something I highly recommend!
Woaahh!? You made such a disgusted face……! It’s that—like you made this really sour expression or something.
Yeah… if Transfer Student…… If the Producer doesn’t like it then let’s pretend this conversation never happened. 
But it’s hard to just throw the idea out……
I know! If I can’t do it to the Idol outfit, then I can always give it a shot on my uniform~ ☆
Al~right, I’ll do it at once……! Eh, I shouldn’t? Oh yeah, Hokke will probably be annoying about it.
But I won’t give up……!
First, I’ll persuade Ukki~ After that, we’ll get Hokke for sure……!
If the Producer is also interested in being shiny and sparkly from head to toe, then come consult with me ☆
I’ll make you a never-before-seen, shiny-and-sparkly, and super-flashy outfit~ ♪ 
End of Part 3
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