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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Souma Kanzaki, Adonis Otogari, Kouga Oogami and Keito Hasumi

Season: Spring

Location: Athletics area

Summary: Souma and Adonis go on ahead and compete against each other, all the while forgetting that they’re meant to introduce the athletics area. Keito takes it upon himself (and drags in Kouga) to make sure the filming is done properly. 

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T/L Notes:
Athletics: Chapter 7
…… The first point is to use these stumps to cross over to the other side while trying not to fall off—or so it seems. 
It looks like there are also several points beyond that. It’s written on the signboard that there is also an extremely difficult stage. Don’t get too hasty. 
Make sure to properly do the warm-up exercises. Because of the nature of the points, you may end up using muscles that you wouldn’t normally use. 
A good way of working out is to not leave behind any fatigue the next day. 
…… You up to it, Kanzaki?
Of course. There shall be no hard feelings no matter who comes out victorious. Come now, let us compete fairly…… ♪
It looks like they’ve long started while we were talking…… But have they already cleared the first point?
Or rather, it says to walk to pass through, but they cleared it with a run-up. 
What kind of leg strength—and for Kanzaki as well, he’s managing to keep up undauntedly. It’s more unusual for any person to be able to imitate that. 
Oogami, let’s compete normally. 
The filming has already started, but if something like that were aired on TV, then it wouldn’t be introducing the athletics area and more like boasting one’s stamina.  
Goddammit! So annoyingly~ wordy!
I thought that if things went well, then I’d get to compete with Adonis. But thanks to having to go along with yer~ lengthy talk, we’ve been left behind~
Even if we chase after them now, the gap is hopelessly widening. It ain’t~ at a level worth getting worked up and frustrated over. 
Now that it’s come to this, we’ll get them to compete to the end, and have them set a record for the fastest walkthrough done~
Certainly, it would be difficult to make up for the late start now. However, that manner of speaking as if I’d be no match for you is unforgivable. 
Damn, quit nagging on me~ I remember, alright. ‘Cause we’re gonna battle it out!
Don’t go doing something as clumsy as dropping yer important glasses and not being able to keep up~ ey, Hasumi-sempai?
You, you made fun of my glasses again. I won’t forgive those who talk badly of glasses. I’ll make you taste a completely crushing defeat. 
Haha, ya better not go falling off the stumps now~ Hasumi-sempai. It’d be boring~ if ya had to retire here!
Ah, oi!…… Honestly, he’s already left. I feel as if I’ve been left behind in the dust. But there’s no use standing around here all absentmindedly. 
(That Oogami…… Looks like he’s crossed over the stumps safely. It’s the first point, so they’ve set up a level of difficulty that even children could possibly clear with ease.) 
Indeed, something of this level is simple. 
Ya finally got through the first point. Jeez, if it’s simple then cross over it before ya open yer mouth! Let’s get going onto the next one. 

Oogami, certainly you weren’t waiting for me to finish, were you? 
No~ way! Don’t get the wrong idea, I was just warming up my body and getting a feel of things. So I wasn’t waiting for ya~ to finish crossing over or anything~ got it?
I see. The next one is a little more difficult. We have to cross this swaying rope bridge made of logs. 
The only thing we can rely on is the rope supporting the logs. The foundation isn’t stable, so if we carelessly lose our footing, then we’ll end up falling straight down onto the ground.
And what about~ it. The logs are supported by the ropes, and there are heaps of them, ain’t there. 
It’s also as if they’re hanging about, telling us to please hold onto this and cross over. 
[Bloomed CG of Kouga Oogami]
Hasumi-sempai can wait there. Yours truly will show ya how it’s done. 
(Hmm. He’s easily walking across the unstable and swaying rope bridge. He’s also ignoring the ropes along the way, and keeping up a good balance.)
(I can even somewhat hear him humming. When he’s like that, it feels like he’s the picture of innocence itself.)
(Although, if I said that to his face, he’d probably respond back indignantly with “are ya making fun of me?” The job this time around will probably be a very good breather for Oogami.)
(It feels good to move your body with all your might. It’s nice to have these sorts of jobs from time to time.)   
Oi~ Hasumi-sempai! You~ were ya properly watching or not!? 

Hm, you don’t have to worry, I was watching. You didn’t even use a rope once—that was admirable. 
Fufu~n. Leave it to yours truly and it’s a piece of cake. C’mon, Hasumi-sempai as well—get over here.
(Hmm. The original plan was to compete with Oogami, but I’ve completely become caught up in the flow of enjoying the athletics together.) 
(Oh well. Kanzaki and such are lost in their match and are nowhere to be seen, so we should go on and properly introduce the athletics area.)
Alright, looks like ya crossed over safe and sound! The next point is…… that, huh. 
There’s a sheet left casually here, but are they telling us to slide down that to get across? 

Sounds about right. We only gotta slide down on the sheet at most. Pretty simple, ain’t it. 
Hm. It’s almost like a playground slide, but it’s a little high up for children, no?  
On top of being at a height that would make any adult hesitate, if you were to slide down on the sheet, then it’s also a considerable amount of shaking. It isn’t exactly something a parent and child could enjoy……  
What, ya scared or something? It’s written on the signboard that you don’t gotta force yerself~ to cross it, right. Athletics is all about having fun. 
But it’s a necessary scene for the filming, so if I do a walkthrough of it, then ya~ don’t need to push yerself to~ Wait at the next point, I’ll catch up to ya real soon. 
…… Who said I was pushing myself? I’ll also do it. You showed me how it was done just before, so I’ll show you how it’s done now. 
Woah, he jumped out while saying that! It’s dangerous~ if ya do a run-up with that amount of force!
[Bloomed CG of Keito Hasumi]
Woah—the shaking is more intense than I had thought! 
(There isn’t much stability to this sheet. If I’m not careful, then I’ll probably end up falling off midway through the slide.)
(Regardless, I cannot keep on showing my flustered state. I have to pull myself together……!)
Jeez, I can’t watch this anymore~ Here I…… go!
Oof!? Y-You……! Because you put your weight in and jumped on the sheet with all your might, my speed increased even more, and I was lifted into the air and thrown off!?
Fortunately, I was safe and didn’t fall on my face. But that was a close call. I had quite the fright. 
But thanks to yours truly, we were able to get that walkthrough over and done with quickly. So stop complaining~ and let’s get on with the next point. 
Hmm…… Thanks to you, I feel as if I was the only one who completed that on an uncool note. What a reckless guy, honestly.    

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