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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino
Characters: Keito Hasumi, Makoto Yuuki, Wataru Hibiki, Hokuto Hidaka, and Anzu
Season: Winter
Location: Rooftop
Summary: Keito and Wataru talk about responsibilities as seniors, Makoto and Anzu eat jelly, and Hokuto finds Wataru.  
Links: Enstar Wiki
T/L Notes: 
  • The “Carrot and Stick” approach is about having both rewards and punishments to help shape/raise/teach (etc) a behaviour in someone/something
  • Buchou = Captain (of a club) in this case
  • Tour de force = a performance or achievement that has been accomplished or managed with great skill (thanks google)
  • Houjicha = a type of roasted green tea
In my own way, I do treasure them. There are about as many different types of love as there are people. It is not love if I simply coddle them, after all. 
There is truth to what you say, but your love is difficult to understand.
You need to treat them more kindly. But I suppose that’s easier said than done. It’s not as if I have a complete understanding of how to deal with my juniors either.
I believe that…… you do love theatre. Just as those two who remain in the Theatre Club do as well. And that is why they follow along with your extravagant behaviour. 
I don’t know what sort of ordeal you have imposed onto Hidaka, but I hope that you will not reproach him should he not be able to make it here.
Nor do I intend to crush your high expectations, but there is the outcome of the “SS” to be fearful of. I do not wish to treat him as some fragile being, but the timing cannot be helped.  
Praise allows people to develop as it encourages them to grow. Well, it is a problem if you spoil them too much though. 
Fufufu, you seem like you’re also having a hard time with nurturing your juniors?
There is no such thing as a correct way to raising children, after all. It is natural to go through trial and error. 
I merely enforce upon them the old “Carrot and Stick” approach. 
No, it is not just them, but all new members are given a taste of the Theatre Club’s principles. As a result, those two were the only ones remaining.  
How refreshing it was to purge the imposters who thought that they could maybe test out the Theatre Club for a bit~
On the other hand, there is also a feeling of regret as I have exhausted the courtesy I can give to my beloved children.  
Between those two sentiments, my heart trembles……! No doubt, this is love! Amazing…… ☆
In the end, that’s all you really are……
Oh, I can see someone heading towards us. It appears to be Hidaka, so it looks like he’s come all this way after solving the hints and such that you left for him. 
You must start off by praising him. 
…… Buchou, I’ve been looking for you. I wanted to have a discussion with you about the Theatre Club’s next stage play, but you dismissed me.
Then you handed me a senseless code. Have you reflected on your actions at least a little?
Magnificent……! You did not betray my expectations and have indeed solved the code to get here. I’m ever so happy?
Keito has told me to give you a reward, you see. Let me give you a pat on the head. There, there, good boy…… ♪    
Are you making fun of me? Actually, how long have I been on the rooftop? My hands are completely freezing over. But more importantly, are you not cold? 
Hmm~, it’s been a substantial amount of time. You are a kind child to be worrying about my body. There, there…… ♪
Like I said, stop patting my head…… Huh, it’s Anzu and Makoto. And even Hasumi-sempai too. How unusual that you’re all here together. 
I had business at the Student Council Room, and going with the flow of things, we ended up deciding to have lunch together. Have you eaten yet, Hidaka-kun? 
I had a light one, but I’m satiated. 
Buchou must be too, so please stop loitering around and come back to the clubroom. 
With just me and Tomoya around, we can’t do much but rehearse our lines. 
We also can’t figure out the particulars if Buchou is absent, so now we’re at a dead end. 
There really is no helping it. If you request my presence to such a passionate extent, then even the freshly fallen snow will melt under such weight…… ☆
Please wait for a little while longer. I shall return to the clubroom as soon as I have eaten my dessert. It is my tour de force, you know. You are welcome to have a bite too, Hidaka-kun ♪   
This is…… a jelly of seven colours? How pretty. It looks like something children would enjoy.
Why Hidaka-kun, you seem interested? Keito and Friends as well, please do not hold back and eat.
Take one bite and something wondrous will happen. You will attain a body that does not tire even after three consecutive days and nights ☆ 
What sort of powerful medicine is that…… Hidaka, do not trouble yourself with it.
You are a valuable and capable person who has managed to put up with Hibiki. Whatever happens, you must not give in. I will do what I can to follow you up and have your back. 
Thank you. I also think that Buchou himself causes trouble for others, but I hope that you will help me out from now on as well.
Hmm, we could have been good friends had we been in the same year level.
It looks like a mysterious outcome has been reached between Hidaka-kun and Hasumi-sempai……? Don’t you think so, Anzu?
Ah, sorry. You’re wholeheartedly eating the jelly, but is it really that good?  
Ahaha, you must really like it if you’re nodding your head like that.
Maybe I should eat some too~…… Yep, it’s delicious!
I had my guard up after I was told that it would give me a body that would not tire after three days and three nights, but it’s sweet and tasty just like normal ones ♪
Hibiki-sempai, is cooking your specialty?
Well, I wonder~ When asked, then I would say yes?
I do think that the Academy’s food is delicious, but I’ve become so accustomed to my own created flavours that I find the choices somewhat lacking.
The jelly that Yuuki-kun is eating was made normally and not with any trickery, so the taste should also be normal?
But the bentou is fully loaded with mischief so I have adjusted the taste. Would you also like to give this a try? 
Ehh!? I don’t want to free my adventurous spirit~ is what I’d like to say. Umm, I have Anzu-chan’s bentou, so I’m fine!
Oh my, it seems like I’ve been completely turned down. Well, it is better to have a woman’s homemade cooking than a man’s, no?
And I am also curious about Anzu-san’s cooking. Let us exchange bentous the next time around. 
It’ll be like we’re really close friends, won’t it~ We may even seem like newly-weds if we cook together in the kitchen. Ahahahaha…… ☆
Buchou, you’re troubling Anzu. Or rather, how long do you plan on taking it easy?
I left Tomoya back in the clubroom and he must be worried. He could’ve run away from so much helplessness. 
Run away, you say…… So Hidaka-kun also has an overprotective-like side when it comes to Mashiro-kun. I wonder if everyone becomes like that when they’ve got juniors to look out for.
Me? I guess I also have some juniors in my club activities and in the Broadcasting Committee. 
But I don’t think I’m in any position to lead them. I feel like I have some growing up to do first. 
I am reluctant to have to part, but all acts must come to a curtains close. Even if it is entertaining, it would be poor etiquette to continue performing on stage. 
The curtains have closed. The only time you will be on stage again is for an encore. 
Let us depart, Hokuto-kun. Our lives have truly only begun now……☆ 
…… They’re the type of people to be at the centre of chaos, I suppose. We should also be heading back soon. My hands have become numb, and I long to drink a hot tea to warm myself up from the inside out. 
Do you like houjicha? Houjicha is the drink to warm up your body. I shall brew a special one for you as I’m itching to put my skills to use ♪

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