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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Souma Kanzaki and Anzu 

Season: Spring

Location: Dance Room

Unlock: Souma Kanzaki Intimacy Rank 15

T/L Notes: -


…… You there!
Hm, so it was just Anzu-dono—I apologise. Because my focus was thrown off, I came at you with my blade. 
Let me give you a hand up…… Hmm, wait. To recklessly touch a woman is a violation of my family’s teaching. 
But, to not help Anzu-dono who fell over from surprise because of me is also against one’s moral code. As expected, at a time like this……
You can get up by yourself? I see. However, please allow me to say this much—I apologise for not first checking who my opponent was before trying to cut them down.
Come to think of it, why is Anzu-dono here?
For the sake of observing an “aidoru” while they’re practicing……? Hmm, Anzu-dono is a “puroduusaa” after all.
To always put effort into your work as a “puroduusaa”—how admirable. 
I am a “kurasumeito” of the “puroduusaa”. If there is ever something troubling you—anything at all—please consult with me. 
There is no need to be so modest. I am in the care of the “puroduusaa” for various things. 
I wish to repay back that kindness, if even a little. 
…… Anzu-dono is truly worth admiring. 
I have a tendency to carry out my actions without concern for how it will affect others—it is all for the purpose of refining my swordsmanship. 
But I have understood that this is not allowed. 
I shall endeavour—like Anzu-dono—to fix that indifferent approach of mine to something worth showing. I humbly request that you continue to guide me with utmost enthusiasm from now on too.
That’s right, Anzu-dono—you are here to observe an “aidoru” practicing in action, aren’t you?
I am about to do a “ressun” as a “membaa” of “Akatsuki”. 
If it pleases you, could Anzu-dono also watch over me while I practice? It is already about half past four—our “riidaa” Hasumi-dono should be here soon. 
Till then, I shall give an explanation of our “membaa”. 
…… Hm. Anzu-dono is a “puroduusa”— a grasp of the “membaa” is probably already a given.   
But there is still a chance that you do not know, so I shall explain it from the very start. 
Hasumi-dono is the “riidaa”—he holds the position of both the Captain of the Archery Club, and the Vice President of the Student Council. 
The other person is Kiryuu-dono—he is the Captain of the Karate Club.
Kiryuu-dono does not often like to have conversations with Hasumi-dono. It is for that reason that I am caught between them as the middle-man many times. 
I am but a second-year student—one year level below Hasumi-dono and Kiryuu-dono. It is primarily my duty to attend to the chores……
But it is Kiryuu-dono who ends up finishing most of them and it leaves me with no equivalent task to fulfil. 
However, I cannot resign myself to this fate. 
I have heard that as a “puroduusaa”, Anzu-dono perfectly sees the job through to completion.   
Until everyone arrives, could I have you tell me the secret to your success……?  
End of Part 3