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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Kurou Kiryuu and Anzu

Season: Spring

Location: School Store

Unlock: Kurou Kiryuu Intimacy Rank 15 

Links: Enstar Wiki 

T/L Notes: 
  • When Kurou explains “Akatsuki”, I took the liberty to expand it so that it would make sense contextually. In the literal version of things, he only tells you how to write and pronounce the kanji :)

Thank you to Berry (@berryknights) for providing these screencaps! <3
Yo, little miss—did’ya lose your way or somethin’?
You’ve been wanderin’ around and lookin’ about, so I thought’ya were lost for sure.
Well, there are a considerable number of people also usin’ the school store durin’ lunch time.
But the majority of students head towards the Garden Terrace—so this place ain’t well-known and is pretty good.
…… What’s the little miss wantin’ to eat? You after a croquette bread roll or a jam sandwich?
They’ll probably have jam sandwiches left in stock, but the croquette bread rolls are a pretty popular item on the menu.
Wait here a min’, will’ya. Don’t’ya dare move from this spot, got it?
…… Sorry to keep’ya waitin’. Here, a croquette bread roll and jam sandwich. Make sure to hold it tightly on’ya so you don’t drop it.  
Money? Come to think of it, how much was it—a jam sandwich is 120 yen, and a croquette bread roll is 180 yen maybe……?
Don’t remember, and I don’t need’ya money. You only just transferred in, and don’t know what’s left from right around here yet’ya givin’ it your all—this is a reward for the little miss.
…… I’m tellin’ya not to mind it. The little miss ain’t backin' down, huh.
But’ya know, I don’t hate girls with a fightin’ spirit. My little sister is like the little miss and has a strong will of her own, so I feel I can’t treat’ya like a stranger.    
From the little miss’ point of view, it’s probably a good feelin’……
Maybe that’s it—the little miss is good at gettin’ people to dote on her. You’re becomin’ more and more like my little sister. 
You want to eat lunch together? I’m happy to receive an invitation from the little miss, but I got a lesson booked in the dance room soon. 
A brute like me is aimin’ to be an Idol—makes’ya want to laugh, doesn’t it.
I had no interest at all in such things as Idols, but my little sister…… She really adores that stuff, you know. 
As the big brother, you want to try and look good in front of your little sister…… I’d never let my little sister hear of it though. 
Right, I belong to a “Unit” called “Akatsuki”—you write it usin’ the words “aka”, meanin’ “scarlet”, and “tsuki” for “moon”—and’ya pronounce it as “A-KA-TSU-KI”.
The outfit also has a Japanese motif, so it looks like this.
I was a little worried that I’d be made to wear somethin’ sparkly ‘cause we’re Idols and all.
But luckily, even I was able to wear this stylish outfit without feelin’ out of place—it was a relief, I tell’ya. 
…… If I had one complaint, then it’d just be that I don’t really get along well with the Leader, Hasumi, you know. 
…… He ain’t a bad person or anythin’, but I’m no good at dealin’ with someone who preaches over every little thing. 
He’s a guy and he’s always complainin’—I’ve been shown such a pitiful sight. Even the little miss tries her best without once complainin’. 
I ain’t goin’ to lose to the little miss now—I’ve got to give it my all too. 
…… The rooftop should be free around this time, so if’ya want to eat’ya lunch, then do it there. See’ya later then, little miss. 
End of Part 3