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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Tsukasa Suou and Anzu

Season: Spring

Location: School Store

Unlock: Tsukasa Suou Intimacy Rank 10

Links: - [This was translated before I realised there's already a version up on the wiki haha]

T/L Notes: -
Thank you to Berry (@berryknights) for providing these screencaps! <3

Oops, pardon me—are you hurt anywhere?
Aah, thank goodness. Hurting a lady is something you mustn’t do, after all. 
I will take into account the lesson learnt from this, as I must bear in mind not to carry on me so many things. 
Do you…… mean these? It’s snack.
Have you ever eaten sweets called snack before, Miss Transfer Student?
Yes, I thought as much. My classmates tell me that they have also eaten it on occasion before.
It’s an embarrassing story, but I had never eaten this sort of food prior to entering the Academy, you see. 
So when I first ate some, I was astonished—and I accidentally exclaimed marvellous out loud. 
I was made to realise, once again, that I was living a completely separate life to how most boys in my generation experience joy.
Since then—once a week—I visit this store to buy the snack sweets.
If it were possible, I would like to eat it every day. But you see, the motto in my household is to “have what you love in small doses”.    
Besides, it’s also because I personally like it that I feel I would want to savour the taste as I eat it.   
However, this is a little……
Yes, it seems I have gone overboard and bought far too much.
To think I would buy to the extent of not being able to see what’s in front of me—now that I notice it, even I’m thinking that there must’ve been something wrong with me. 
This will not do. No matter how much of a favourite food it is, to recklessly buy all of it is a disgrace upon my family. 
Aah, I haven’t told Miss Transfer Student yet, have I?
The truth is that after eating it on that day, the snack sweets have become my favourite food……
Looking at this situation, you could say that I was completely lured in from the start and now I can’t help myself.
Still, it’s important to have moderation in everything. Next time, I will make sure to buy only a bag full of snack sweets once a week.
On that note, I’m deeply regretful to say this, but…… 
Miss Transfer Student—if you’d like, could I offer this up for your taking?
I can’t possibly bring this large amount of sweets back home with me. But even saying that, throwing them away would be a violation of my family’s teachings. 
Please somehow think of this as saving my life, I beg of you. 
Thank you very much, Miss Transfer Student. You have my gratitude ♪
Aah, Miss Transfer Student—if it’s not too much trouble, please do tell me your thoughts on the sweets the next time we meet. 
Is that okay with you? Well then, I’m looking forward to it ♪
End of Part 2