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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Wataru Hibiki and Anzu

Season: Spring

Location: Theatre Club Room

Unlock: Wataru Hibiki Intimacy Rank 10

Links: - [There's actually already a version up on the wiki to read!] 

T/L Notes:
Thank you to Berry (@berryknights) for providing these screencaps! <3
Helloo, helloo! Well, if it isn’t Tenkousei-san……!
Amazing! Meeting you here must also be the work of fate—come, let us dance together.
Like fellow lovers dancing, we shall surely strum out a magnificent rhythm……!
Fufufu, are you surprised? You’re deeply moved, no? Wonderful! 
The world is full of surprises……!
It seems like you also understand that nothing is sweeter than investigating into those surprises!
Amazing! It is yours truly—and only for you—Wataru Hibiki…… ☆
Oh dear, how impertinent of me. I have frightened you.
Fufufu, surprises are a principle part of this world. By all means, I would like for you to also experience them…… ♪
What a superb response. Seeing you like that makes me want to supply you with even more surprises…… ☆
Now, please show us your hands. Oh no, I won’t suddenly pull you into dancing, so have no fear. 
But if that is what you desire, then I am willing to dance any moment now?
To dance is to love—it is humanity’s salvation……! Do you understand, or perhaps you don’t at all?
But even so, it is better this way! Love is a profound concept. It is because we do not fully comprehend it that we are able to dream big…… ☆
Oh dear, the conversation has gone astray. Fufufu, I greatly look forward to whatever reaction you will show me soon ♪
Now then, please open up your hands. What do you think? Were you surprised—you were, weren’t you?
That’s right! It’s a rainbow jelly! This wonderful item—can you possibly understand how I felt the first time I acquired this? 
A delightful tune was reverberating within my head, and I remember it was as if a messiah had just appeared right before my very eyes!
Fufufu, attaining this is tantamount to having the world in the palm of your hands…… ☆
Oh, please do not worry. I don’t hold any ambitions of conquering the world, you see.
I am hoping for this world to be brimming full of love…… ☆
And that is what this is! Consume this supreme food—this rainbow jelly—and you too shall be blessed ♪
Here, here, I insist. Fufufu, what do you think? You’re so overwhelmed with emotion that not even words will come out……!
That’s right—ordinariness itself is what is full of surprises and love ♪
And unpredictability is the mystery shrouding this world…… ☆
You will come to understand this someday. I anxiously await that day…… ♪ 
End of Part 2