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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Hinata Aoi and Anzu


Outside the Staffroom 

Hinata Aoi Intimacy Rank 10

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T/L Notes:

Thank you to Berry (@berryknights) for providing these screencaps! <3
Ah~ I messed up~……
I definitely thought I wouldn’t get caught out, so what gave me away?
Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten carried away and answered the teacher’s question? Yuuta-kun is unexpectedly pretty shy, after all.
He’s not a kid who would answer questions that rapidly—having the teacher suspect that is kind of a sore point.
Well, it can’t be helped that I’ve been exposed.
But you know, only calling me out just ‘cause I’m his older bro is a little…
“Don’t you think that’s unfair?” If I said that to the teachers though, they’d probably……
Huh? Tenkousei-san—what a coincidence meeting you here~
Were you summoned here too, Tenkousei-san? Even though you’ve got such a serious look about you, did you skip class or something?
You shouldn’t skip class, you know~ The teachers will get mad.
I’m wrong? What the—you’re just here to hand in the printout that was assigned for homework. Tenkousei-san really is a diligent person, no question about it~ 
You see, I was called here by the teacher. Ah, just letting you know—I didn’t skip class, okay?
I switched places with Yuuta-kun and took his class, and the teacher found out. So that’s why they’ve called me here~
But Yuuta-kun didn’t get called out. It’s a little unjust to only summon me, right?
This is what it means to be the older bro—is this my destiny, I wonder. An older bro is an exemplary existence to his little brother, right? 
So if the older bro is completely worthless, then the little brother will also become completely useless.
I really have to be aware of that stuff since I’m the older bro, after all~
Do you have any siblings, Tenkousei-san? Ah, you have a little brother~ Ni-hi-hi ♪ Then you’re the same as me ♪
Is your little brother going through a rebellious phase, Tenkousei-san? Look, Yuuta-kun is in his rebellious phase, you see. 
He makes an unpleasant face at everything I do~
And with the switch this time too, Yuuta-kun had a sour look on his face up until the end. 
In the past—although the story doesn’t go that far back, maybe 2 to 3 years ago—but…
Around that time, he used to always tag along behind me saying, “Onii-chan, Onii-chan” and he was so cute, you know?
Ah, Yuuta-kun is still cute even now.
If I told him that, then his face would go red with anger. But that’s also adorable, right~
Is your brother somewhat like that too, Tenkousei-san? Ni-hi-hi ♪
Seems like I get pumped up from talking about little brothers with Tenkousei-san ♪ 

End of Part 2