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Writer: Akira

Tetora Nagumo and Anzu

Season: Spring

Location: Dojo

Unlock: (Objective’s Form) Tetora Nagumo

Links: Enstar Wiki

T/L Notes: 
  • The title for the story is “Moe yo Taiga”, literally meaning “burn(ing) up (with enthusiasm) Tiger”. I’ve instead adopted the title “Enter the Tiger” as a cultural allusion to Bruce Lee’s 1973 martial arts film, “Enter the Dragon”. This is Tetora, after all :)
Ow-ow-ow-ow—if you could be a little gentler-!
Err… You’re really helping me out here by patching me up, Tenkousei-san!
It seems I’m really clumsy no matter what, so if I did it myself then I’d end up winding the bandage all around my body like a mummy ♪ I couldn’t even move ‘cause of the pain from the cuts and from being all beaten up…… 
If Tenkousei-san didn’t happen to pass by, then I probably would’ve lost my life without anyone finding out! You seriously have my thanks!
I won’t forget this blessing, yeah. I’m a clumsy person that can’t do anything, but…… If it’s brute strength you’re talking about, then I have it—call on me if you have any physical work!
Whatever it is, I’ll help you out~ ♪
…… You don’t speak much, huh. Somehow, I can’t relax when you’re just silently there beside me.
Maybe I just talk too much~ I’m not really used to girls so I get shy around them!
It’s getting kinda awkward, so it doesn’t matter what it is, let’s just chat about something!
Aah, how I got these injuries…… It’s not like I was fighting with anyone, you know?
You don’t gotta be so nervous around me. Even if Yumenosaki Academy is pretty rotten, it’s still a school for Idols, so it’s a pretty safe place!
Taishou has said to me, “Don’t go pickin’ unreasonable fights” and all. Our Karate Club’s fists are deadly weapons—it’s an Iron Rule to not use them against anyone besides the trained and strong opponents in matches! 
It’s a promise between men! I’ll absolutely keep my word with Taishou ‘cause I want to be a man amongst men, just like him…… ☆
Whoops, looks like you’re done patching me up. You really saved me there~ and you did a good job of it ♪
When I first met Tenkousei-san, I was pretty rude ‘cause I thought you were some ordinary person who got lost. Lately though, it really feels like you’re a “Producer”. 
Kinda like an “adult” woman who can do anything, heh. Makes me want to look up to you~ ♪
Taishou also praised you, you know!—“She’s quite something,” he said. I also think that too. But I won’t lose to Tenkousei-san’s steady growth—I’ll also put in more effort! Osu!
But no matter what, Taishou is a person who likes to let things go their natural course…… He also hardly shows his face in the Karate Club, and just when I think he’s making an appearance, he’s doing some handicraft stuff~?
Even though I want to be strong and am trying really hard, I don’t know how to go about it! That sorta thing is something I gotta find out for myself, without thinking and only feeling…… get real, huh?
I’m also pretty bad at thinking, so whatever I think up, I try them all out ☆
It’s no good if I just simply get stronger at fighting, ‘cause I’m also an Idol after all.
“I’ll become stronger as an Idol,” is what I thought—but I still haven’t come up with what to do.
So about that…… I’m a member of “Ryuuseitai”, and we’re a “Unit” that’s especially popular with the little kids!
We have a lot of performances coming up, like a Hero Show at the Amusement Park on our day off~?
So as to not carelessly hurt the little kids at that time…… I gave it a thought, and I think it’s necessary that I memorise how to perform perfectly!
We move around pretty fiercely, so the little kids will get seriously hurt if we happen to hit them with our arms or legs.
I’ll work hard so that it doesn’t end up being an “unfortunate incident”!
You know, I don’t really watch out for my surroundings…… I’m often not careful and will accidentally charge into the fans gathered around, causing an uproar. 
The Leader of “Ryuuseitai” has a “generous” nature—he gave even someone like me a responsible role.
That’s why I don’t want to always hold them back. I also want to give the fans a show together with everyone!
When I thought that, I began training on how to cut in-between these “wooden dummies” I set up as the fans. You don’t know what “wooden dummies” are? They’re lined up over there, see?
Basically, they’re wooden posts that are placed upright like replica humans. They even revolve round-and-round!
They’re tools used for karate practice, but if I line up a lot of them like this, then they look like a “swarm of fans”. I just have to weave in-between them without grazing anyone…… 
That’s the sorta training I’ve been doing, but it’s pretty difficult, you know. I keep crashing into them and getting more wounds. I’m disappointed in myself.
Since they’re “wooden dummies”, it’s still okay—but it’d be a lot of trouble if they were real humans. I’ve got a sturdy build so I’d be fine, but I’d feel bad if the fans were hurt because of me.
Though I do normally use these “wooden dummies” in karate practice, so…… I can’t help but strike them by reflex, you know~ ♪
After hitting them, they rotate around so I can hit them again—if I keep doing that, then it becomes a slugging match!
But that’s not the training I'm hoping for, ‘cause only my fists are getting more powerful……! But I can’t think up any more good ideas……
I’ll continue with this training so that these efforts won’t go to waste! I’ll work hard to make steady progress ♪
…… Hm? Tenkousei-san, why are you beckoning me towards you?
I can pretend that Tenkousei-san is one of the fans, and use you for training instead of the “wooden dummies”? Oooh, it all works out perfectly in the end!
A living human is a lot better than a “toy” after all, yeah!
Here I come~ Please pay as much attention as you can! I’ll also make sure to be as careful as possible!
…… Wha-? W-w-why are you coming at me with that high-pitched shouting?  
“So cool,” you say? “I’m cheering you on”?
You’re so kind, it’s making me embarrassed~ ♪
Ah… you’re “pretending to be a fan”. So it was just that…… But even so, it was pretty realistic. 
I’m feeling kinda tingly inside since I’m not used to being admired and all!
Uuu, but Tenkousei-san’s offering to help out with the training, so I gotta repay that display of chivalry……!
Tetora Nagumo, ready for combat! Tenkousei-saaa~n ☆
W-what the, why are you clinging onto me? Aah, yeah—I guess there are fans who do “this” sorta thing?
Woaah, stop that! I’m not good with being touched by girls……!?
S-sorry! Let’s end today’s training “here”—please excuse me! I’m gonna go run for a bit, till I can’t move anymore so I can shake off these desires!
I’ll get stronger so that I can repay you for your kindness, Tenkousei-san! Please watch over me—Uuoooooh!
I’ll become a man amongst men! Someday, definitely…… ☆ 

End of Tetora Nagumo Intro: ‘Enter the Tiger’