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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Adonis Otogari and Kouga Oogami


Light Music clubroom

Adonis looks for Rei, but runs into Kouga instead.

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T/L Notes:
Athletics: Chapter 1
Excuse me.
…… Hm. There’s only Oogami here. Is Sakuma-sempai still sleeping?
What do ya mean “only”. You~ Are ya saying that I’m not good enough, huh?
Sorry. It seems like I’ve offended Oogami. I always end up hurting the other person without meaning to.
It’s not like I’m hurt by it or anything~, ya know. More like, just how sensitive would ya have to be to get hurt by that, idiot.
If yer looking for that vampire bastard~ then he hasn’t come in today~ Since we don’t even have club activities today, ain’t it better to head to his classroom if ya got business with him~?
Well, I don’t know if he’s in the classroom or not either~ Lately he’s been pretty unsociable~ or rather, it feels like he’s letting us do whatever we want.
“UNDEAD” is all about being free to do what ya like after all, so it ain’t like it just started now or anything~ But ya know~ It kinda seems like he’s keeping his distance from us.
The seniors are also probably busy with various things. “Chocolat Festival” has ended, and next is “Repayment Festival”.
We’re to be the main focus in “Repayment Festival”. Sakuma-sempai and Hakaze-sempai will be graduating, so let’s send them off without any worries.
More like~ is that vampire bastard even gonna graduate? Ain’t he gonna be repeating again~ Seems like it’ll be us graduating before him, and he’ll remain in Yumenosaki Academy forever.
I don’t know if Sakuma-sempai will graduate or not, but I’m sure Hakaze-sempai will. 
It seems like his family is really strict. If he were to repeat a year, then he’d probably face a lot of trouble. 
That guy as well~  He didn’t even brag about all the chocolate he got in “Chocolat Festival” and just looked at them with a serious face. That’s not really~ like him. 
Oogami. The aim of “Chocolat Festival” should be for the Idols to give the guests chocolates full of their ongoing gratitude.
Yeah. But there were also fans who came to give chocolates, saying “I’ll always be cheering for you” just as I was about to hand them out.   
It also looked like there were some amongst the fans who were seriously in love with Hakaze…… -sempai. 
As for how he dealt with that though~ I’ve no idea.
He idly said something like needing to think~ about how to date girls. That guy might’ve changed and is aiming to graduate~ who knows.
I see…… It’ll get lonely here once the seniors graduate. 
I’ll be feeling relieved though. If that vampire bastard~ and thorn in my side is gone, then it’ll finally be my time to rise.
I can’t help that I’m looking forward to it~
Oogami, you’re not very honest with yourself, huh.
Haah? What do ya mean~ by that?
Even though the truth is that you’ll be pretty lonely once Sakuma-sempai and everyone graduate, you can’t admit it to yourself. I can tell by looking at your face, Oogami. 
You were the one who called me a “friend”. I don’t have any right to call myself your friend if I don’t even notice something as slight as that.

Yeah…… Don’t say such embarrassing things with a serious face, jeez~ Yer making me feel all jittery~ 
Once the seniors graduate, then it’ll just be me and Oogami running “UNDEAD”.
With “Akatsuki”…… It’ll only be Kanzaki carrying the responsibility. Since there’ll be the two of us, we can work together and support each other, but what will Kanzaki do. 
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