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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Adonis Otogari and Kouga Oogami

Season: Spring

Location: Light Music clubroom

Summary: Adonis and Kouga discuss the athletics program.

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T/L Notes: -
Athletics: Chapter 2
Tch, this ain’t the time to be worrying about other people. If they can’t sort things out without help, then they can’t do anything~ and are just incompetent. 
Have some faith in yer buddies~ …… I also have faith in you~ 
Thank you, Oogami. I’ll make sure to live up to that trust from now on too. 
Don’t go taking it so honestly~ Jeez, yer looking for that vampire bastard~ right? I’ll help ya out. 
Actually, ain’t it okay~ to at least tell me the reason why yer looking for him?
Oogami. Do you have confidence in your stamina and physique?
Haah? I asked ya a question so don’t answer back with one. I got confidence in my stamina and physique—got a problem with that?
If yer treating me like some “weak creature”, then even if it’s you~ I ain’t gonna go easy on ya~
That’s not it. Anzu said that an athletics area has been built at the camp site.
So they’re running a program to introduce it, and I’ve heard that they’re looking for members with confidence in their physique and stamina. 
It’s a job fitting for us, and I want to participate, but…… It’s not something I can decide for by myself. 
Kanzaki and I both decided to get permission from our Leaders before we tried talking to Anzu again.  
Kanzaki is from “Akatsuki”, right. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like an outside request, and there ain’t any restrictions~ on the participating “Units”. 
Anyhow, it feels like a project gathering those with pride in their stamina. 
Yeah. But even if Kanzaki and I are interested, if the other members insist against it then there’s no way we can participate. 
It’s going to be a job during the day, so Sakuma-sempai might not make such a happy face hearing that……
Don’t go into a give-up mode before even speaking with him~ Jeez, guess there’s no helping it then~ I’ll also ask that vampire bastard~ on yer behalf.
Are you sure, Oogami? Don’t you prefer lives over work like this?
The job starts after “Repayment Festival”. There could be other work coming in, so please think carefully if you’re really okay with it or not.
So annoying~ A man doesn’t go back on his word~ I choose to be an Idol so that I can sing with all my might, but I don’t dislike~ moving my body or anything.
Bring on the athletics—alright…… ♪
You look like you’re having fun, Oogami.
…… Hm? It’s a call from Anzu. Oogami, sorry, but I’m going to take this call.
If it’s ringing, then ya can go ahead and answer it, no problem~
Y-yeah. Anzu, did you need something from me? You’ve got more information on the job?...... So after introducing the athletics area, there’s also a filming planned at the farm, huh.
If you’ve already relayed this to Kanzaki, then there’s no need for me to call him. I’ll also include that bit in when telling Sakuma-sempai. 
Oi, Adonis. I thought I heard something about a farm, but what kinda filming are we talking about here?

It seems that after we introduce the athletics area, we’ll be moving over to the farm and filming with the animals.
Hmmm. It’s like~ those segments in the news introducing the region.
Either way, it’s planned for after “Repayment Festival”. The graduation ceremony will also be over, so those guys will probably be free too~
So the athletics bit will focus on us, and the filming at the farm will have us show our spirits—doesn’t that sound pretty good~? 
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