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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Keito Hasumi, Makoto Yuuki, and Anzu

Season: Winter

Location: Student Council Room

Summary: Makoto wishes to help Keito out, and Anzu visits the Student Council.

Links: Enstar Wiki

T/L Notes: 
  • Bentou = Japanese lunchbox
  • Breeding Pen: I stuck with this term because that's what Google tells me is the official name for it. But I don't know if it's actually used in the Academy for breeding purposes or just raising/housing animals.  
  • Cafeteria: sounds a lot fancier than 'canteen' and this is where Idols gather so...

Um, you said that you were lacking sleep, but are you really that busy with work?
At least in the sense of the word that I’m so busy, I’m unable to express how much so. As you already know, there’s the “StarFes” and “SS” to consider.
It appears that Anzu is in charge of planning and managing the “Starry Night Festival”, but I hear that there are rumours of other informal battles taking place too.    
And I’m also the Captain of the Archery Club, so I must show my face during club activities.
Wow, how to say it…… You really have your hands full, don’t you?
I’m embarrassed that I even thought for a moment of how ~busy~ I was with the Broadcasting Committee job, and “StarFes” or practicing for “SS”.
Hasumi-senpai, is Isara-kun…… absent from Student Council work? I don’t see him around. 
Huh? Oh, I assigned Isara with certain orders. You shouldn’t repeatedly inquire into the affairs of the Student Council, as you are only bringing unnecessary trouble for us, being the outsider that you are. 
I-I see. I’ll bear that in mind……
Hasumi-sempai, what I’m about to say, you’ll probably think it’s none of my business but… But even so, I just can’t ignore it. 
If Isara-kun also tells me that he has too much work, and that it’s “unreasonable~”, but all the while he’s doing it happily, then I’ll be able to cheer him on.   
But I can’t say that to a person who has dark circles under their eyes and is barely functioning from nutrition drinks.
Hasumi-sempai. If there’s anything I can do, then please let me be of assistance. Even just a little bit, I want to be your support. 
You…… You really are a soft-hearted person beyond help. Does being relied upon make one’s disposition lively?
For Isara, and for Fushimi…… And for Anzu too, I see. If there’s this many people who love to work, I’ll feel insecure of having my job possibly stolen. 
No, right now that option would save me trouble…… Though having said that, there’s no job I can leave up to you. I will accept those feelings of yours instead. 
Unhh, is that so…… I thought that even I could be useful, but I’ve just been a bother instead. Ahaha, looks like I messed up. 
Do you act according to how useful you will be to someone? Is that where your intentions lie?
Eh? Um, what do you mean by that……?
If you don’t understand, then that’s fine. Hmm…… I’ve changed my mind. I will leave the work to you, if you so wish it. 
Naturally, I won’t be leaving the Student Council work to an outsider. 
I’ve just accepted a matter from the teachers concerning a consultation regarding the breeding pen. I will leave that to you.
Err, it would really help me out if you could tell me specifically what about the breeding pen needs consultation, yeah~
Ah, but if it’s something I should think about on my own, then I will do my best to think!
Hold on. The detailed documents are right here…… Hmm?
Huh, Anzu-chan? Hello~ Did you come to the Student Council room because you have business with Hasumi-sempai? Or is it with Tenshouin-sempai?
Come to think of it, I don’t see Tenshouin-sempai around. I wonder if he stepped out to have lunch.
Like I said before, the winter season is not good for Eichi’s health. It appears that he did come in, so you need not worry……  More importantly, Anzu.
You, what business do you have here?
H-Hasumi-sempai? Why are you looking at Anzu-chan like she’s the enemy? Even Anzu-chan is frightened of Hasumi-sempai’s intensity, you know……?
Sorry, I have no intention of inflicting harm upon you. So stop clinging to the door and come inside already. 
Anzu. Did Eichi…… No, nevermind. There is no end to my suspicions because I do not know if you are an enemy or not. As you can see, Eichi is not here.
If you have business with him, then perhaps another time…… Hmm? You have business with me, you say.
First Yuuki and now Anzu, today is quite busy. I’ll just have to cope, as Isara and the other staff members are all out. So, what of this business?
…… A bentou? Of course, I haven’t eaten lunch yet. If I have the time to eat, then I’d rather use that time to finish up the work in front of me…… I understand, meals are also important.
I, too, am human. Regardless of how busy I may be, if I don’t eat then I’ll die.
I ate a sufficient meal this morning, I’m sure. My memory is unclear, but I’ve been drinking nutrition drinks as well, so there should be no problem. 
Hmm, you want to tell me that nutrition drinks alone don’t provide enough nutrition, is that it?
I can’t be definite with whether I ate breakfast or not, so maybe at the very least I should eat lunch. 
What is it, Anzu. You’re smiling…… That grinning is making your face all lax. It’s a little eerie. 
Ah, aaah. To say it was eerie was a little overboard. I assume your insistence on this bentou topic is because you came here to invite me to eat lunch together.
Be that as it may, I haven’t brought a bentou with me. If I hurry to the cafeteria, I wonder what they’ll have left remaining……?      
“Ta-Da~!”……? Don’t add such an unusual sound to your words. If you have something to say, then say so without putting on airs……
Hmm, you also brought a bentou for me? You?
Whaa, Anzu-chan’s homemade bentou!? Did Hasumi-sempai and Anzu-chan develop an intimate relationship while I wasn’t looking……?
Oi, don’t misunderstand. Anzu and I do not have a relationship that would draw such attention. 
Isara……? Hmm, I see. Isara is taking care of the matters I left to him, seeing as there’s still “StarFes” and “SS” to consider. 
He’s supposed to be quite busy as well, but to think that he had time to read too much into other things…… Honestly, that is quite like him 
Anzu-chan, you’re saying that you were asked by Isara-kun to make a bentou and bring it here? 
Jeez, Isara-kun. That’s just so like you to be casually worrying about your superior’s health. I really respect that!
Me……? Ah, you’re asking me if I’ve eaten lunch yet? Ahaha, the truth is I haven’t either~
I thought I’d eat after I get the Student Council to look at the manuscript and have them approve it for the afternoon broadcast, so I didn’t even buy bread.
Huh, how about I join you guys, you say? Is, is that alright~? Hasumi-sempai, please let me know if I’m being a hindrance, okay?
Don’t make me repeat myself. Anzu invited you herself. Do as you please. 
I have a question. The bentou, does it have soy beans…… I see, if it’s not in the bentou then that’s good.
I’m not such a fool as to treat this show of good will that you went to great pain for with disdain. Work is important, but so is relaxation. I do worry about the delay…… I shall compensate for the pace, even after classes have ended. 
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