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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino
Characters: Keito Hasumi, Makoto Yuuki, and Anzu
Season: Winter
Location: Student Council Room
Summary: Keito and Makoto discuss the situation with the breeding pen and decide to make plans to go shopping for books together.
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T/L Notes: 
  • Senbei = A type of Japanese rice crackers

…… Hmmm.
Siiip…… Haaah, my body is starting to warm up. The houjicha you brewed is really delicious, Hasumi-sempai ♪
I see, then no need to be modest, and drink to your fill. Do you like senbei? The Student Council Room is not a place for relaxation and refreshments, after all, so it is standard practice that bringing your own sweets is prohibited.  
Although, it does feel a little empty without some teacakes. Wait one moment, I will prepare some this instant. 
I was only meant to come here to show Hasumi-sempai the manuscript for the afternoon broadcast, but it looks like I’ve made myself at home instead.
To eat the bentou made by Anzu, and then have Hasumi-sempai brew some tea for me, I couldn’t be more satisfied.  
However, I feel like I’m forgetting something important. I get the impression that Hasumi-sempai told me to do what I like regarding the manuscript, but other than that……
Wha-, do not suddenly shout out like that. What if I had carelessly spilled the tea? We just narrowly avoided causing a terrible incident.
S-sorry. But it’s about the job that Hasumi-sempai left to me, and how I was asking you to tell me more about the specifics but I think the conversation stopped around there.
I just finally remembered now…… The lunch break is about to end soon too, so could I ask you to explain to me the job in more detail this time around?   

Hmm…… There was that.
I, of all people, had completely forgotten. Despite there being a pile of work that needs to be done, this really is not the time to be relaxing and comfortably drinking tea. 
As I recall, you are a member of the Tennis Club. Then you must know that the breeding pen’s cleaning duties are rotated between all clubs, no?
Ah, yes. I hear that ever since spring, it’s been passed around little by little?
Yes, that is correct. 
Previously, it was not a job that students would do. But that policy from the past has changed, and now it is an obligation shared between all clubs. 
Nonetheless, there are a number of students who are not familiar with taking care of living creatures, so there are troubles one after the other. 
Even the teachers are worrying their heads about it. As such, they have sent in a request to the Student Council asking for us to prepare the collective documents on how to look after animals and their habits.  
…… In other words, I’m guessing you want me to prepare those documents?
Your quick understanding saves me time explaining. Here are the complaints I’ve compiled. It’s heavy, so be careful not to drop it. 
Are there really this many complaints……!?
Umm, “The rabbits aren’t eating their food. Even when I put a carrot to their mouth, they take no notice of it. What should I do……?”
They’re more like seeking advice than complaining, huh. There are also other similar comments here, so it seems like there are a lot of students struggling with feeding the rabbits. 
Rabbits are delicate creatures. The reason they have lost their appetite is probably due to feeling stressed. 
It is important to have physical contact with the rabbits by touching them, but depending on the area, there could be a reverse effect instead. 
They especially hate their ears being touched, and yet there will be a group of people rudely playing with it all over. 
I dare say that it was the accumulated act of playing with their ears that led the rabbits to face excessive stress. 
Hasumi-sempai, you’re quite informed about rabbits……? Do you keep one at home, just like Nito-sempai ♪
No, I don’t have a rabbit. There are occasions where the Student Council will receive complaints every now and then, so I have briefly looked into the ecology for the ones we keep in the breeding pen. 
If I’m not mistaken, this should all be in the file that I compiled…… Hmm, I don’t see it anywhere.
I may have left it at home. I’m sorry that I could not be of more help. 
N-no, not at all! Just those feelings of yours is enough…… ♪
I think that with an easy to understand guide, we’ll see progress on the cleaning of the breeding pen from here on out.
I also used to waste a lot of time thinking, “I wonder how I did it before~”, every time it became my turn for cleaning duty. 
If we can reduce the time spent cleaning, then the animals will also live more comfortably. That’s definitely for the best ♪
I’m sure if we head to the library then there’ll be books on how to take care of animals~…… Hmm? Anzu-chan, you’re saying that you’ll go and ask the Library Chairman yourself?
The Library Chairman must be pretty familiar with what kind of books are in the Library, so asking him if he has what we need would really save us trouble. The Library Chairman is Aoba-sempai, isn’t it?
Oh, I see. Anzu-chan, you have business at the Library so while you’re there, you might as well ask for us? Are you sure, I mean, is it really okay to leave everything like that to Anzu-chan……  
Ahaha, “leave it to me” you say? Anzu-chan sure is reliable. Well then, I guess we’ll be counting on you ♪
The Library Chairman…… So Aoba, is it. I, too, was once a member of the Library Committee for a period of time, thus I have a grasp of his ability. 
But I became busy with the Student Council work, and now it is my primary job……
I remember that there were books on chickens, rabbits, and parrots while I was still a member. 
Since then, the Library Committee’s budget has more or less been increasing, but there is a low priority for purchasing books on animal ecology, so I suppose there are only old books left. 
It might be a good idea to purchase some new reference books at the very least. Of course, we’ll put in an application for the budget so that it doesn’t hurt our own wallets. 
Yuuki, do you have time after class tomorrow?
J-just, wait one moment please.
Ummm~, there’s no practice for “Trickstar” or any club activities tomorrow so I should be free. 
I see. There is a large bookstore downtown, so it must have books on animal ecology.
The Academy store also sells books but I guess it focuses on Idol studies.
In any case, we should first read the books in the library, and then we can compensate for the insufficient parts with the books we’ll be purchasing. 
I owe it to the both of you for lessening one more of my worries. You have my gratitude, Yuuki, Anzu. 
I-I haven’t done anything to help yet though……! Please keep your thanks till everything’s over and done with, yeah!
Anzu-chan, you’re kind of looking at your watch nervously…… Ah, the lunch break is almost about to end. 
Hasumi-sempai, you should also finish up your work and start heading back to the classroom?
Hmph, I would have at least liked to finish stamping these documents. I spent the entire lunch time enjoying myself instead. 
The colour has returned to my face, you say? It is all thanks to eating a proper meal and having taken a moderate break to relax. 
So you need not worry and blame yourself for my lost time. Rather, it was a good chance to take a breather. Thank you, Anzu…… ♪

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