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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Makoto Yuuki, Hokuto Hidaka, and Anzu

Season: Winter

Location: 2-A Classroom

Makoto accepts Hokuto’s offer to help out, and both show concern for Mao. 

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T/L Notes: -

Morning, Anzu-chan~ ♪
You’re early today as well. They say that “the early bird gets the worm” so maybe I should also follow your example, but I just can’t seem to leave the futon when it’s so cold out. 
…… Anzu-chan? You’re making a gloomy face, you know. Is everything alright or is something troubling you? I know that you’re quite busy with “StarFes” and “SS” after all.  
Anzu-chan is also in charge of the planning and management for the “Starry Night Festival”, right? You’re about as busy as Hasumi-sempai so you shouldn’t push yourself too hard, and go get some rest. 
Just kidding, I guess I don’t really have the right to say that to the person who’s even doing my job for me. 
It’s still pretty early, so Aoba-sempai might not be here yet. It’d be kind of rude to suddenly intrude on him during class…… Don’t you think?
Eh-, you’ve already asked him!?
And he said that they have books on rabbits and parrots, but the ones about chickens are on loan, is that right?
I see. Well, the ones on loan can’t be helped. Don’t look so down Anzu-chan, since it was originally my job to ask anyway. 
Anzu…… and Yuuki as well. Morning. 
Morning, Hidaka-kun. 
What’s this about chickens? Don’t tell me that they’ve escaped from the breeding pen?
No, no, you’ve got it wrong. Hmm~ Hasumi-sempai didn’t say not to tell anyone, so it should be fine if I let Hidaka-kun in on it. 
You see, Hasumi-sempai asked me if I could prepare some documents on how to take care of the animals in the breeding pen, and also on their habits. We were just talking about that. 
No doubt, that sort of information would really save us trouble. Having to look into each and every one of the animal’s habits when it’s your turn for cleaning duty does take time.
Our Theatre Club has Tomoya, who’s easily loved by animals, and Buchou, who is strangely enough used to handling them. Because of that, there have been many times where they’ve finished up the cleaning while I was doing the research. 
I’m also a member of the Theatre Club, so I can’t just leave everything to them. 
Oh, that’s right, Hibiki-sempai does often release doves to entertain us all~ ♪
And then he leaves behind a scattering of feathers wherever he goes.
It’s probably some sort of pattern that Fushimi-kun is the one to clean it up, and also a mystery how he manages to keep an eye on Hibiki-sempai from who knows where. 
He does appear in unexpected places at unexpected times…… Well, I don’t know whether he actually keeps any doves or not, but handling birds is his forte. 
Even the chickens that were fighting would suddenly stop and behave when Hibiki-buchou showed up. 
Wow, that’s amazing! We should ask Hibiki-sempai when we need help with the chickens…… Wait, chickens? 
Hey, Hidaka-kun, Hibiki-sempai also really knows his stuff when it comes to chickens, right? Do you think he would teach us how to take care of them and about their habits if we asked?
He’s an abnormal one, but he wouldn’t look down on someone asking for help. I’ll give him a call to ask. Give me one moment. 
If we can get Hibiki-sempai to explain it all to us, then that’s one problem resolved. 
Huh? You’re saying that you got in touch with the Library yesterday and have reserved the books on rabbits and parrots? Maybe I’ll go pick them up after class then……
Ah, but I’ve made a promise with Hasumi-sempai to go to the bookstore so I’ll need to pick them up during the lunch break instead. But I have work to do for the Broadcasting Committee then too……!
Ughh, sorry about that. Actually, after class is absolutely okay with me!
No matter what happens, I’ll make sure to put my promise with Anzu-chan and everyone above all else…… ♪
Yuuki, I just tried calling Buchou, but the line seems to be busy.
He did say something like, “I shall relay it to Keito so fret not.” Is he with Hasumi-sempai right now?
I also heard, “If you are here to disrupt others' work, then leave” or so…… It must be work to do with the Student Council, considering it’s this early in the morning. Isara also seems to be rather busy.
The Student Council and “StarFes” and “SS”…… It appears that Isara was also left to take care of some private matters for Hasumi-sempai.
He was humming “So busy I’m gonna die~ ♪” so I think he’s okay. 
Hasumi-sempai said that he gave Isara-kun certain orders, but what could they be? Hidaka-kun, have you heard anything from Isara-kun?
Sorry, he didn’t say anything as far as the conversation went. 
I see. I’m curious, but Hasumi-sempai did tell me to stop inquiring into it. What if I get killed for knowing too much~ Augh, even imagining it is making me scared.
Killed off……? Are you sure you haven’t been watching too many movies?
In any case, you’re to prepare the documents. Let me give you a hand with it.
Eh, but, aren’t you busy yourself, Hidaka-kun? I’d feel bad if I got you to help us out.
We’re friends, aren’t we? You don’t have to be so modest. You did say that you had work to do for the Broadcasting Committee during the lunch break. 
Anzu and I will both do what we can to get it going. 
I’d also like to help out after classes are over, but I have the Theatre Club activities to attend to. I’m sorry that I can’t follow it through till the end. 
No, not at all, it’s very reassuring to have you on board. I feel pumped up for the afternoon broadcast now too~ Today’s program will also give you a moment’s peace to relax, so definitely tune in, okay ☆  

Yeah, I’ll be looking forward to it. After “StarFes” ends, there’ll be “SS”, and once we overcome that then in no time at all, it’ll be the Graduation Ceremony. 
There’s hardly time to rest, so brace yourselves for anything. 
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