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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Keito Hasumi, Makoto Yuuki, and Anzu

Season: Winter

Location: Downtown

Summary: Makoto and Keito buy the books they were after, and Makoto is surprised when Anzu asks Keito for his autograph.

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T/L Notes: -

Wooow…… ☆
It must be because Christmas is drawing near that Downtown looks this seasonal. The brightly lit illuminations are so pretty! 
Ah, there’s even a Christmas tree. It’s a fairly large one, isn’t it?
Putting up a tree this big in your home would be pretty difficult. That, and it would really hype up the kids too ♪
S-sorry. I didn’t mean to get this excited with only us two around……? 
Don’t worry about it. Even though Christmas is a Christian holiday, many people are not concerned by this and grab hold of the chance to celebrate, but I feel no need to comply. Those who want to celebrate are free to do so. 
Umm, Hasumi-sempai, are you not allowed to celebrate Christmas because of your different religious beliefs?
It is not something particularly forbidden to do, but I am the son of a Buddhist temple, after all. I have not once celebrated Christmas since my conception.  
Seeing as I am either working or studying around this time of the year. 
Y-yeah, I guess that makes sense. I take it that you’re not very familiar with this type of atmosphere then.
Well, that is correct. Everybody is becoming restless. Even in class, there seems to be enthusiastic talk over Christmas, but those conversations are meaningless to me. 
Next year, and the years following, my disposition with this holiday will be no different. It may as well already be an absolute fact.   
…… I apologise for boring you with this topic. More importantly, did you buy the books you were after? You were in the bookstore for quite some time, so I was worried that it would be out of stock.  
[Unbloomed CG of Makoto Yuuki]
Oh, it was thanks to Hasumi-sempai’s advice that I managed to find some great books ♪
I am pleased to hear that. However, it would be more precise to say that it was thanks to Hibiki’s suggestions instead. 
He came by the Student Council Room early this morning, and I had thought that he was there to be a nuisance. I do not know what sort of whim it was of his, but that was certainly a first where an outsider handed us documents that did not insinuate anything offensive.
He then disappeared before the bells began ringing. 
I can’t figure out his intentions. It won’t go unmentioned for long, but do you suppose the Student Council will receive a bill from him as early as tomorrow?
“This level of labour is but a cheap investment of my time ☆” is what he said, but I feel uneasy that he may demand something more frightening than just money.
Perhaps he is simply showing us goodwill and nothing more. I don’t recall ever becoming his rival, but in spite of that, he has apparently identified me as such.
What a nuisance. You should also be on guard around Hibiki, no?

Ah, yes. Thanks for the heads up……?
But you know, to be both rivals and friends…… To have someone like that close to you is really a good thing. It feels like you can push each other to be the best of yourselves ♪
Hibiki is neither my rival nor my friend, you know. Well, no matter, it is excellent news that you were able to buy the books you were looking for. 
Be careful not to lose your footing in this snow. It would be quite unseemly if you were to carelessly drop the books. 
It’s okay, because I’m carrying it tightly under my arms!
...... I haven’t looked through all the pages yet, but it says that there are lots of varieties for mixed fodder.
There’s so much I don’t know about, like you have to give the chickens a suitable mix of the food, or that they’re weak against the heat and all. 
I really didn’t know anything. I thought I was taking care of the animals, but all I did was sweep and clean the breeding pen, and give them food. 
If it’s like this, then of course troubles would keep coming one after the other. 
The Tennis Club has Nito-sempai, so we just leave the rabbits’ care to him…… But the problem is what we’re going to do about it next year.
Hasumi-sempai, thank you very much for today.
You’ve reaffirmed for me the importance behind cleaning the breeding pen and all, so you’ve really helped me out by giving me this job ♪
To be shown gratitude by the person I should instead be thanking…… This is too unforeseen. But it certainly doesn’t feel too bad either. 
I’ve been told by the teachers to prepare the documents for submission by tomorrow or the day after that, but do you suppose you will be able to finish it by then? If it seems too difficult of a task, then I shall lend you a hand. 
I got Hidaka-kun and everyone to help me out during the lunch break, so tomorrow afternoon…… I think I’ll be able to just make it on time by then.
I put pictures in the slides and reduced the amount of text, and arranged the layout’s position too. I thought that if I fiddled around with it like this, then it’d be a lot easier to understand.
Hmm. Are you proficient with using computers?
My specialty is with computers, you know.
I’ve also got illustration programs downloaded, and I thought about giving drawing a shot…… But I don’t think that’s the skill you’re after. 
There’s free source material around so it won’t be a problem even if I don’t draw anything. Do you think you could give the documents a lookover once I’m done?
I don’t mind. Or rather, I can do the drawings for you if you’d like.  
Hasumi-sempai will……?
Wha-, Anzu-chan. What are you doing, taking out an autograph board from your bag like that? You really surprised me there. And even now, it looks like you’re about to charge down Hasumi-sempai. 
“Please give me your autograph,” you say……? 
I gave you one previously, did I not? Surely, you do not need two copies…… What was that? You’re saying that you already have one for decorative purposes, and now you want one to preserve?
Hmm, I see. You hung it in your house as if it were an heirloom. 
If you treasure it to that extent, then even I will find it worth the trouble of signing.
In any case, this time Yuuki is here. A “Producer” begging an Idol for their autograph will only invite unnecessary misunderstandings.   
I am happy to know that you are a fan of mine. From now onwards, you will be my Number One Fan…… ♪
Hmm, Yuuki. Is something wrong, your face is losing colour?
N-nothing’s wrong at all!
Somewhere in my heart, I thought that Anzu-chan was a fan of “Trickstar”, so I’m a little shocked is all!
But Anzu-chan is still just a girl before being a “Producer”. 
So I guess it isn’t strange to be particularly interested in an Idol or two when you’re producing so many to begin with. 
It’s regrettable that Anzu-chan isn’t a fan of “Trickstar”, but I’ll support Anzu-chan’s feelings anyway.
Because I believe that Anzu-chan isn’t a girl who would show favouritism to someone…… ♪
As expected, it invited unnecessary misunderstandings…… I am aware that it was also due to my careless remark that we’re both in this state now. 
Yuuki. Anzu is my fan, but not strictly because I am an Idol. She is a fan of my being a manga artist. 
Huh? A manga artist……? 
Your reaction is understandable. Nonetheless, there are more people around now. I can see that there are also students in Yumenosaki Academy’s uniform here and there. Who knows, there could be a possibility that we’ll be overheard.  
Come to the Library during tomorrow’s lunch break. We shall talk about it in more detail then. 

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