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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Keito Hasumi, Makoto Yuuki, and Anzu

Season: Winter

Location: Library

Summary: Makoto learns about “Mizuhanome” and also an important life lesson.  

T/L Notes: 
  • Gap moe = when a character does something completely contradictory to what their usual habits / personality / character / appearance dictates (thanks again google)
You came.
Y-yes! I’m sorry!
…… Why are you apologising? You came on time. And it looks like it’s just you and Anzu. It shouldn’t be a problem to talk about that subject here then. 
Um, Hasumi-sempai? I hope I’m not imagining things, but I don’t see any other students around. Is it because it’s the lunch break or...?
It’s because the end-of-term examinations are over, and there are not many students who still need to use the Library left.
I suspect that there would be a lot more people here if it were right in the midst of exam period. 
Regarding the matter as to why I have called you here though, it’s not something that I want a large number of people knowing. 
You are to keep it a secret from everyone else. I already gave Anzu a warning previously.
But it appears that Anzu can’t help but let slip my pen name out of excitement.  
Eh, Hasumi-sempai, you had a pen name!?
Hmph. Up until spring, I did the drawings for the posters around campus under the name “Mizuhanome”…… It’s an old story, but I used to draw manga as a hobby.
Lately, I’ve been busy with the Student Council work, so I have not been particularly active in that regard. 
Now that you mention it, I remember hearing something about Anzu-chan having respect for a Mizuhanome-sensei.
I was wondering who Mizuhanome-sensei was, and now the mystery’s solved ♪
So Anzu-chan is a fan of Mizuhanome-sensei…… A fan of Hasumi-sempai’s manga, right?
So that’s how it was~ I feel relieved knowing that Anzu-chan is our…… Nope, not just ours, but everyone’s “Producer” ♪
Now that we have cleared up the misunderstanding, let’s get down to business. Well, this is not exactly a follow-up, but I must ask you on your progress with the documents. 
I presume that nothing has changed between yesterday’s conversation and now?
Ah, yeah. I brought my computer with me just in case…… I arranged the layout to something like this, but what do you think?
Hmm, there’s nothing wrong with the layout. But the transition between the information is weak. 
For example, here, you mention the countermeasures in relation to the chickens and how heat affects them.
In that case, it is better to first provide an explanation such as, “Chickens are weak against the heat. This is a result of having to shield themselves using their wings.” This way, it is easier to understand. 
Make the base colour stand out less, and you should accentuate your main points with a colour that draws the eye in. 
And over here, despite this part being important, you haven’t highlighted it as such. This causes concern that the reader will just skim over it instead.
I can’t say that the images you’ve also incorporated are relevant either. If I am not mistaken, you said that you have illustration programs downloaded on your computer.
Leave it to me, I shall do the drawings for you. 
~ …… ♪  
Wow, that’s a really well-drawn picture~ ♪ Could those be little chicks following behind the chicken? You’ve really portrayed it well by having them all gather on this side…… ♪
You shouldn’t repeatedly compliment with “well”…… Hmm, as I thought, I still can’t get the hang of digital drawings.
There isn’t much to draw so I’ve somehow made it work, but I seem to struggle when it comes to drawing people.
Even this much is pretty good, you know. To not be pleased with this level of drawing, pros sure have high standards for their work.  
I am not a professional. This drawing is the work of an amateur. If I were to call this piece professional, then I would not be able to face the people earnestly pursuing this career path. 
Even so, I think it’s a waste to not show off this level of skill. 
I am the Leader of “Akatsuki”. So long as I am the Leader, I will need to uphold the image that is “Akatsuki”.
I would only ever publish this level of drawing in some make-belief world. 
Gap moe……? Anzu, what are you even saying? I don’t know if you’re trying to comfort me or not, but I do not seek such consolation.
I don’t intend to let my drawings ruin the image of “Akatsuki” that I have built up till now.
Well, be it because of “Quarrel Festival” or some other reason, the impression of “Akatsuki” has changed little by little. Though keep in mind that I do not particularly endorse this.
Of course, styles do change with the flow of time, and I can accept this.
However, to have our entire image changed due to one of my drawings is not something I can call desirable. 
Hmm, about here should be right.
I tried rearranging the illustrations and layout by placing the text towards the bottom.
Wow, thank you ♪
Um, Hasumi-sempai. Is it alright if I ask for your opinion on this bit? I put all the problems with the breeding pen on this slide, but somehow it just won’t turn out nicely.
Think about why there was a problem in the first place, and perhaps try suggesting solutions with an easy-to-understand example. 
It might also be a good idea to graph the types of complaints to see what was most common.
Oh, I get it now.
It may also be handy to have a “Q&A” corner ready. 
If you think about how much time goes into answering each of them individually, then doing it this way will display the solution and catch the attention of many in one go.
It will also reduce the number of complaints coming into the Student Council, so on the whole, problem solved.   
Hehe. How efficient! I’ll get to fixing it to like what you just said……!
But really, it’s all thanks to Hasumi-sempai that it’s coming together nicely ♪ I’ll have to ask you for just a little bit more time, but I think I’ll be able to hand it in by evening. 
Yes, I look forward to seeing the polished version. 
Ahaha, knowing that Hasumi-sempai has expectations for me really puts the pressure on. But I’ll give it my all!
That’s right, do your best. I am not used to digital work, but I found it very easy to draw in this illustration program.   
Please tell me the manufacturer. I also want to install it onto my home computer and try using it. 
Ahaha, I’ll give you the details, no worries…… ♪
I never thought I’d be able to talk to Hasumi-sempai like this. I sort of just placed you as an acquaintance, so I didn’t really try to get to know you. 
But I guess it really pays off to get involved with more people. Looks like I’ve learnt something in that area too ♪
Life is all about learning. It is good that you understand the joy of learning, and I hope you strive to do so from here on out…… ♪
End of Philosopher's Guidance

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