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Writer: Yuuki Yoshino

Characters: Keito Hasumi & Makoto Yuuki

Season: Winter 

Student Council Room

Summary: Keito is busy with Student Council work, and Makoto decides to drop by during this time......

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T/L Notes: 

  • This story is set before the events of the Starry Night Festival
  • Futon = Traditional Japanese matress
  • Tatami = Japanese mats (generally made out of straw)
  • I kept the word "Nutrition Drink" but our equivalent would be "Energy Drink". However, in the later stories, Keito mentions they have nutritious ingredients (like the name implies). But our Western equivalent mainly contains caffeine and sugar, so I left it so that it would flow and make sense later on! :) 



…… Unh, is it morning already? I’m positive I set the alarm, but could I have completely forgotten to do so?

(Though for a futon, this does feel rather hard.)

(I suppose I am being ceremonious. It would be more accurate to call this a wooden board than a futon. I doubt I was tossing and turning in my sleep to the extent that I would be thrown onto the tatami.)

(Then that can only mean that I fell asleep someplace else.)

(At what point did I drift off, I wonder. I was sitting down by the flower beds and had planned on resting for a bit, and it seems like I must have completely fallen asleep right then.)

(As one would expect of this season, closing your eyes and dozing off outside can only lead to disaster. The worst-case scenario is freezing to death.)

(But it appears that my body isn’t experiencing any chills. Most likely what happened was that I succumbed to my drowsiness and fell asleep in a room somewhere.)

[Un-bloomed CG of Keito Hasumi]


…… Unh?

(Something just bumped into my fingers. It seems to be a can, but I can’t even make out the letters on the label.)

(Nutrition drinks …… ? I see, so that’s what happened. I’m finally starting to remember.)

(The end of the year brings us “StarFes” and “SS”. Both DreamFes require countless preparations to be made, both great and small. Added to that, Eichi is planning to organise a new “S3”.) 

(Even under normal circumstances, the Student Council is lacking in personnel. Yet the frequency of DreamFes is only increasing, and each and every one of those programs needs reviewing.)

(As it is my job to carry out inspections, I alone must frequent the on-site location repeatedly. It is because of that reason that I have become so fatigued.)

(I did an all-nighter because I thought my body could handle it, and that I could use the nutrition drinks to fight off the need to sleep. But it appears I really was at my limit.)

(It’s no wonder I suddenly couldn’t remember what had happened, since I was the only one working in the Student Council room at the time.)

Good grief, we really are up to our necks in work here. Even if we finish up absolutely every little task right now, they continue to just keep coming one after the other.

Nonetheless, this is no time to be complaining. I've left Isara to take care of matters, but I can't be beaten here or they'll have to carry my burdens.

Although it was only for a strictly short time, I did get some sleep. For the time being, I'll look over the documents on the table, and the remaining will be handed out after class ends......

If we can efficiently divide the work amongst everyone, then perhaps I'll be able to go home afterwards.

Alright, let's hold out for a bit longer. I've given Isara instructions. The only thing that's left is for me to accomplish my job perfectly.


S-Sorry to intrude~


Hmph. You are...... Yuuki, was it?

What purpose do you have here. Although I no longer perceive you as an enemy or other, it's not like we're on familiar terms either.

Well, no matter. Please make your business brief. After all, I must finish processing these documents before the day is over while also maintaining conversation with you.

They say that time is money. If you're a member of "Trickstar", then you should be very busy with “StarFes”, and also “SS”......

Hmm, the preparations for “SS” are proceeding favourably.

There currently isn't any foreseeable obstacle in the way. You can relax, and strive to practice for the upcoming “StarFes”.


Umm, it's not like I came here for that matter. I thought I'd drop by and ask if you could look over the manuscript I'm using for this afternoon's broadcast.


This afternoon......? Why are you here with matters regarding the Broadcasting Committee?

However, I do understand. The Student Council used to have a say concerning the “Afternoon Broadcast” and “Academy's Affairs TV Program” until spring.

Now the tide is in your favour to freely broadcast, is it not?

Even I have my hands full with managing the DreamFes. I'm in no position to take on other's jobs.

At the same time, I simply cannot place everything under surveillance instead. That's quite impossible.

We've been gradually relying on the “Producers” to do the work as of lately. But I do still feel uneasy about it.

The only student in the “Producer Course” is Anzu. If we left her to take on all the jobs, then sooner or later, she would collapse from overwork. We need to lessen the burden, and moderate the responsibilities.

After all, the “Producer Course” will be officially commencing next year.

Anzu will play a central role, and if she does her job well, then it will reduce the burden on the Student Council. The DreamFes will also be more lively than it is now.

...... Sorry, I digress. In any case, it is not necessary for me to look at the manuscript.

The President of the Broadcasting Committee was Nito, I recall. If you lack confidence, then why not show the manuscript to him and ask if he approves or not?


I really would like to do just that. But Nito-sempai is really busy with preparations for the “Starry Night Festival”, so he doesn't want to be bothered.

I heard that Shinobu-kun is also going to participate in the “Starry Night Festival” like Nito-sempai......

So yeah, I'm substituting in for them, and tomorrow's broadcast has changed.


Hmph. You are quite the soft-hearted person. The “Starry Night Festival” is an informal battle, is it not?

It appears Eichi is also participating. I cannot fathom why he would put his body through such a fruitless battle when his physical condition only worsens during the winter season.

Honestly, he is such an incorrigible person. You are too pleasure-seeking, Eichi.

...... Though saying that, it is in vain to speak ill of a person who isn't there to hear of it. I'm sure Eichi has his own way of thinking and doing things.

Anyhow, you've taken on Nito's work and have come here to depend on my judgement. I shall assess that approach of yours.

However, as I mentioned before, the Student Council has no intentions of interjecting into the work of the Broadcasting Comittee. But if you are a member, then surely you have experience producing manuscripts.

If you haven't left out any important information, then I have nothing more to input.

Unless, you've written accusations against the Student Council? If that's so, then I cannot allow you to leave.

The lack of sleep is getting me worked up. It's been a while since I've given a lengthy lecturing to someone. I won't mind, see. It'll help with letting out the stress.


L-Let’s take it easy here!? 

I mean, the last time we had conflict with the Student Council was around spring.

Now everything's reasonably peaceful between us...... So I wouldn't do anything to break that relationship, you know~?

And Isara-kun is still a part of the Student Council after all. I won't act in any way that will destroy his important place!


I do believe that his most precious place is beside you all, no?

At any rate, if that's the extent of the conversation then I'll be returning to my work. Seriously, I do not have the time.

With this pace, I may not be able to go home today as well. All the same, my body is worn out and feeling rusty. I don't mean to lament, but...... I yearn for my futon.

Ah, I really want to get a grip on this fatigue and not have it remain tomorrow.  

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